16 March 2012

Ya Know What I Did Last Summer?

I RODE THE WHOLE, ENTIRE (as in, ALL of it!) TREK ACROSS MAINE! That was 180 miles from the mountains to the sea.

Fortunately, they gave all of us (over 2,000 of us) 3 days to do it all in.

See that pic up above? I was pretty much sobbing with joy there. You see, this was my FIFTH Trek, but my first finish. All the other times something happened to put me out of the ride.

But now that I've finished it once, I am ready to do it again.

I can't do it without YOU, though. In order to ride, the BHE and I must raise $500 each for the American Lung Association. If you'd like to help, just click one of the donation links in my side bar.

I and my asthmatic lungs thank you!!!!!

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