15 March 2012

Hiho! Hiho! I'm Here to Blog, You Know....

I really would like to get back to blogging regularly. So here I am. Time to stop thinking about it and talking about it. Time to do it.

Just do it.

So here I am. You know, writing and all.

(Deep breath)

Dang, I think I've forgotten how to write. That's not good. No, really. You see there are a few people out there who are under the impression that I know how to write, that I AM a writer. In fact, one of them contacted me last week. She and her husband head a child aid missionary organization. They travel all over the world meeting poor children and their families. Then they come back to Maine and work double time finding people to sponsor those children.

This lady has stories - great stories - and she wants to write them. Trouble is, she's a rather mediocre writer (self-proclaimed). So she's asked me to help her. I'll be reading, editing, reformulating - basically torturing her with my ready red pen of correction. But how can I wield said pen with any authority if I'm not writing?

Facebook has stunted my thoughts into short blurbs of pithiness. Now, when faced with the task of writing an actual paragraph, I go blank!

So it's time to raise the bar. I need to write. I need to write often. I need to write well. I need to remember the finer points of communicating so that when it is time to help my friend I can feel confident that I am doing my best for her.

This will be happening here on this blog and on my cycling blog. Maybe it will even be happening on my novel(s).

Oh please let it be happening on my novels!

Keep your eyes open. Groovy is BACK!

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Dawn said...

Okay, it will be good to see you back in blog world - and maybe over reading my once a week posts! I somehow missed the January one!