01 October 2010

In Which Groovy Is Hoping Her Readers Are Not Too Shocked...

....After all, this is TWO posts in ONE week. What next?

The truth is I'm all pumped up with adreneline now. In fact, I awoke at 5:30am all psyched up. Coincidentally, an unidentified idiot neighbor started up some VERY loud power equipment (!!????!!) about that same time, but I'm sure that had nothing to do with me rising so early and suddenly. Nothing at all.

This evening I head off to another SAR training. This is the one where I get certified as a searcher. Naturally, the weather today and tonight is nasty...heavy rain and wind!

I hope we're doing the night navigation course tomorrow night! ;-)

Since I'm going sans family, I think I will just leave my cute little tent in it's snug little storage bag and sleep in the van. The BHE already helped me rig some plastic rain sheilds so I can leave the windows open a bit for ventilation. Tonight will be warmish (50's) and dampish, so if I leave the windows closed it could get very stuffy inside. Tomorrow night is supposed to be much colder and dryer... This is definitely going to be one of those be-prepared-for-every-eventuality weekends!

So, my agenda for today is to pack.

Wait. Scratch that. I was packed before 6am.

Ok...so, my agenda for today is to make some yummy goodies for my family to eat while I'm gone so they won't forget that they need me, to homeschool the girls, to clean up and put away some "stuff" that is still laying around from Tuesday's tea party, buy a pair of groovy mechanic's gloves for my back pack (They're great for grabbing trees and climbing rocks), and lastly, making sure GrammaJ is all set for a weekend with me away.

In other news, a particular promotions team apparently likes my groovy blog and wants to host some giveaways of "stuff" here. I am not opposed to this idea, but want to check out their wares first. Maybe I can get them to send me samples to review first, ya think?

And that's it for now. The oven just beeped. That means it is time to bake some biscuits. Then I'm making pumpkin pie from the pumpkins we cooked yesterday. Mmmmmmmmm!

I WILL report back on how my weekend went - hopefully on Monday. Catch you all then!


Dawn said...

Okay - two posts in two days and I missed the first one. Tell me, how do you do that check of who has stopped by while looking for something really weird?? I'll bet they were looking for a Subway sandwich shop!

The weight thing - since losing the 42 pounds, I have not weighed. But I am worried that I am drifting. The clothes are still okay, but I am not being as disciplined as I was. Surprise. But I WILL get back in gear. I must. Too much work to get those pounds off to let them come back!!

Have a great week-end - sure hope the rain stops!!!

Keetha Broyles said...

If I ever get well and truly lost, which isn't very likely mind you, I have a super sense of space and direction, I would love to know that YOU were looking for me!

groovyoldlady said...

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!


I get the search stats by logging in my blog here: http://statcounter.com/

Susan said...

Sounds like a good adventure for you.