27 September 2010

In Which Groovy is Pretty Much Numb From the Sonic Boom of Passing Time

Hiho! Long time no Ramble. But I'm back.


It's been so long since I've been here that Blogger refused to recognize me. The Nerve!

This summer has shot past me at the speed of sound. I think the sonic boom thereof just hit me, but I won't have time to react to it until...oh....some time in 2013.

Seriously, I have been BUSY. I know, I know, other people are busy too, but they still have time to write. I'm a slacker, I admit it! I am also too much of a slacker to make a long list of all the activities I have been involved in. Suffice to say there were mystery parties and tea parties and WAY too many fairs (4-H, anyone?) and 3, count 'em THREE mountain top experiences (literally). Factor all that in with active kids, grandkids and 3 needy, elderly parents and you might see the tip of the insanity.

I'm looking forward to a nice, peaceful, stay-at-home Fall - right after I spend all of next weekend away on a major Search and Rescue training! Then Grandma Dawn will be stopping by for a visit (Wooooot!) and NaNoWriMo is looming on the scene.

School - as in textbook work - is off to a very slow start this year, but the girles have been learning, learning, LEARNING all summer long, so I'm not too worked up about it. We do need to get on the ball, though, or they'll never master their spelling and math!

I gained back the weight I lost. Thus, I need to lose it again. You'd think it would STAY OFF considering how much energy I burn up, but when I get busy (and when am I not busy?) I get lazy about what I eat, so those calories creep up and up. *sigh* By the time I finally lose this last 20 lbs, I will have lost (and regained) 200! Just call me Yo-Yo girl. At any rate, I aim to tackle the weight again after the SAR training is over. Of course, the fact that I am planning to teach the girls how to bake this year should make that a challenge!

Maybe I should write a book entitled "Losing the Last 20 Pounds For the Very Last Time"...

Since I hadn't blogged in a while, I decided to check the search "keyword analysis" for my site. Many of them were expected, like Groovy's Ruminations. Others? Not so.

I find it interesting that one person came to my blog looking for Girly Armpits. Hmmm. While my armpits are certainly girly - especially in the Summer when I actually shave them - I don't typically post them on my blog. I'm just sayin'...

Someone else came to my Groovy site looking for subway 24hrs baxter state park. I was just at Baxter State Park last Monday when BHE
and I climbed Mt. Katahdin (Altitude 5267 feet - the highest peak in Maine. Thank you! Thank You!) and I can tell you for certain that neither the ride-on-it Subway nor the eat-in-it Subway are in Baxter
State Park. Not for ANY hours. There is not even any potable water. Ya know what I'm saying?

And now I interrupt this totally disjointed blog post to fume about two things:

1.) I hate, Hate, HATE mouse-overs. I do not like having pictures jump out at me from my computer.
If I want to see it bigger, I will double-click it myself. Thank you!

2.) Blogger is doing some extremely weird formatting things right now while I type.
I have decided to write the rest of this post without looking at the screen lest I lose my temper!

End of Rant.

Another, more specific searcher found themself here after googling "baptist church" "long hair"
"blogspot" "growing out" I'm not sure what that is all about, but let me reassure you that God does
indeed love Baptists with long hair or with growing-out blogspots, so have no fear.

OK, enough of this drivel. I'm supposed to be teaching the girlies how to make braided bread
loaves for yet another tea party tomorrow. Hopefully they'll keep their girly armpits out of the dough...

Edit: The goofy formatting totally ruined my entry, making me rather grouchy. I've fixed it the
best I can. So there.

Double Edit: Did I really use the word "themself"???


Sans Pantaloons said...

After searching, I found myself reading the Dictionary entry for 'themself', and, although non-standard, would appear to be perfectly acceptable. Unlike the new Blogger editor formatting!
I trust and hope your grouch has reduced.

groovyoldlady said...

Thanks for the official word on "themself". I feel somewhat vindicated for my stupidity. ;-) Chocolate and tea did much to assuage my inner grouch. Alas, they did nothing good for that last 20 pounds though!

Susan said...

So sorry about the 20 lbs. I've done the same thing though and the weight I lost at the first of the year has all reappeared scans 3 lbs. I look forward to Heaven for many reasons....one certainly has to be not worrying about weight !!!

Lauri said...

You should throw away the lost and found box then they will stay lost forever.

I become obsessed by how people came to my blog. If you want traffic, that will likely not stay long put a post called "Sweet Pussy Cat Dreams" as I did. I will not elaborate. I've even thought of removing the post to stop THEM.