20 April 2010

And So It Begins...

It took Mulletman a while to make up his mind this time 'round, but YES, he is going to ride his bicycle in this year's 180 mile Trek Across Maine. The Trek is an annual event on Father's Day weekend to raise money for the American Lung Association of Maine.

As someone with asthma, their work is very near and dear to my heart. The ALA has helped lower the numbers of smokers in the state, has helped make all of Maine's public buildings smoke free, has helped research treatments and prevention for every lung disease you can imagine, and has helped lower air pollution rates in a factory/mill heavy state.

Ken has to raise at least $500 in order to ride: Every penny of that money goes to the ALA. How can you help? Easy: DONATE!!!

See my sidebar? Right under the Blogmania banner is a link to Mulletman's fundraising page. You can just click over there and you can use your credit card to donate directly to the ALA. If you'd rather give via a check or PayPal, just email me (my groovy address is also in the sidebar) and I'll tell you how.

And whether you give $5 or $500, we (and the ALA) will be profoundly thankful! (and if you give $500 we may have to express our thanks with a gift!!)

Am I riding? Well, maybe. I am trying to train, but that bout with the poison ivy and the prednisone really set me back. If I am feeling strong by the end of May, then I'll enter at the last minute. And if I'm not ready to ride then I will still show my support by being one of the smiling volunteers.

Thanks for your time (and your MONEY!!)


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Carla Gade said...

I'll make a donation for my Dad who has lung cancer - great father's day gift for the trek on father's day!

Ms. Kathleen said...

What a wonderful cause.... !