17 November 2009

In Which Groovy Can't Find a Graceful Way to Talk About Her Deoderant Issues, So She Talks About Something Else MUCH Nicer

Oh good grief. I stink. This new all natural deoderant I bought (and used lavishly) is not worth the package it came in. I'm seriously making my eyes water. I mean it's so bad that...What?

Oh, sorry.


My, what a nice weekend I've had. I had the honor and privilege of playing hostess for one of my dearest bloggy friends, Grandma Dawn, and her hubby D.C. They planned a trip from Colorado to Maine to visit their son in a nearby town and they spent two nights of their visit with us!

Please let me interrupt this blogging moment to whine: It is exceptionally difficult to type a blog entry when my girls are making a craft that requires me to continually and repeatedly spell words aloud for them. AAaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! Edit. Edit... EDIT..........

We had a lovely visit and enjoyed talking (and talking and talking) and eating (and eating and eating) together. I was amazed at how both of our husbands were so agreeable to the whole scenario. I thanked Mulletman and he just said, "Those are some nice people. Nice people!" (If he was a real Mainer he'd have said, "Them're some nice people...", but that's entirely beside the point.)

I'd direct you to Grandma Dawn's excellent blog, but currently it's private. You'll just have to take my word for it that she's well spoken, godly, and loads of fun! Hopefully the pics she took came out better than mine. We have A.) a crappy camera and B.) a couple of crappy camera users, so...

Here are Dawn and DC at our house enjoying some homemade enchilada casserole.

Naturally we also wanted some pics of just Dawn and I. So Mulletman gave it a shot:

Eeeew...That didn't go so well. So he tried again:

Hmmmm. He changed some settings and the picture was MUCH better - well, except that my eyes were closed:

And, finally, a fairly nice one, if slightly blurry.

Oh well, even if the pics are of questionable quality, our visit was top-notch! If any others of you are ever planning a foray into central Maine, please DO email me (see my sidebar) and we'll fix up the spare room for you, too!

And I'll be sure to try a better deoderant before you come!!


Bear said...

Personally I think the photo quality is a result of...

C.) Haze between camera and subjects, where one of the subjects has foolishly decided that using a 'natural' deodorant is a good idea.

Obviously, to be standing that close to you, Grandma Dawn has lost her sense of smell.

I'm currently in Canada for two weeks... what a pity it's too late to reroute my return trip home via Maine... no really... it's a matter of scheduling and has nothing to do with deodorant.


Dawn said...

I must have lost my sense of smell - I noticed nothing out of sorts!

What's up[ with the shirt hanging below the vest - Ewww!!

Wonderful, wonderful time was had by all - DC felt the same way.

groovyoldlady said...

Oh Bear...so close and yet so far away! Just think you could have rerouted your trip to drive home to Oz via Maine.

Well, maybe not. But I would have loved to have met you. If we ever do meet, I promise to shower first.

The shirt hanging out from under the vest is perfectly "in" right now. So you weren't sloppy, you were stylish!


Karen said...

Ah, yes, deodorant. I've developed a rather severe allergy to most deodorants, and Killer is sensitive to all fragrances, so scented powder is out.

Right now I'm alternating between the solid crystal stuff (um, wet it first, then dry it when you're done with it) and another that is supposed to be all natural.

So is my B.O. All natural, I mean.

But it's not a strong, so I guess I'll just have to live with it, as will my friends and family. Oh, and the rash seems to be completely gone now. yay.

Also, yay for good visits with friends. One of these days, I hope to meet up with as many internut friends as possible.

Hm, WV: wailatio = the ratio of sound in proportion to the weight of object dropped on toes.

Lauri said...

I love these meetings that happen between internet friends. Sometimes I think the internet will finally be the thing that brings world peace.
Great photos.....and I'm liking the idea of enchilada casserole. Wonder how that works....

Not Hannah said...

Being all crunchy and green, I'm branching out into home and personal care stuff and...sigh. It doesn't work as well sometimes. My dishwasher liquid smells great, but it doesn't do so hot a job with cleaning. I don't think I'm brave enough to try the natural deodorant yet.

Susan said...

I'm sure your visit with Dawn was grand. So glad she got to meet you and you meet her. It is great that our husbands are so patient and understanding of our blog connections :o)