17 October 2009

I'm Feeling oh so Flexxedededed

Yep...feelin' groooooooooovy.

The chiropractor (no, I didn't kill him - yet) tried his darndest, but couldn't "fix" my neck and shoulder issues, so he, being the conscientious fellow he is, sent me for neck x-rays. It appears I have cervical stenosis and some bone spurs. Sounds horrid, but isn't really uncommon at my age. Nonetheless, Dr. Bob told me it was time to go see my primary care physician.

That's a tricky proposition. In name and on important medical forms my PCP is Dr. D. Presumably he's been our family doctor for the past 3 years or so. I say "presumably" because in reality we've never met him, let alone had an appointment with him. When we started going to the clinic several years ago, we DID have a doctor (and we loved him dearly!), but when he moved on to a different type of medicine we were left with 2 nurse practitioners and an invisible doctor. My favorite NP is Reena who is about 4'8" and is from India. She has a beautiful smile and a wonderful manner. And (confession time) it's very entertaining to watch her climb on a footstool to be able to reach my chest to hear my heart. ;)

Accordingly, I went to see Reena. She looked at the x-ray report and did lots of poking and prying and asked a bunch of nosy questions. Then she declared, "Muscle relaxers and physical therapy; and when are you due for another colonoscopy?"

A colonoscopy will not help my neck pain, so I let that one go unanswered...

To make a long boring story into a shorter and yet still amazingly boring story: She gave me fleril flurixo falorix flexoril to take twice a week hour lifetime day and I set up a terapy appointment for Thuesday.

At least I think I set up a therapy appointment. I can't tell for sure because I'm "flexxed".
Or am I? I can't remememember if I took the pill or not. I though I did right after breakfast, but how can I be sewer sugar stere sure?

Oh well, it's so latte latter late in the day now that I shewd prolly wait til bad bid bod bedtime to take another wun one.


Anonymous said...

I suspect you may have taken the pill, Groovy. LOL. Hope you feel better soon!

Marianne Arkins said...

I've been trying to comment on your blog the last three times you posted, and your blog HATES me...

Let's see if it works today.

Feel better soon! And don't operate any heavy machinery.

Dawn said...

You're too funny!

Lauri said...

Very funny but the neck spurs does sound serious. And I don't think the colonoscopy will help, or maybe I don't know what that is (?).
Hope you feel better soon.

Dawna said...

I have been blessed to be able to have seen DR.D on several occassions but you specifically have to ask for him. When I do not, I see Reena as well. :) Yes, the step stool is wonderful. The Dr. office is the only place where I feel tall.

Euri said...

A colonoscopy has nothing to do with a pain in the neck...a pain in the bum maybe. LOL!

I wish you luck with your PT.