24 August 2009

Turbo Typing...

...because I want to fill you in and haven't much time to do so. First of all, Wayne and Wanda , the wasps have informed me that will write their little story for you while I'm away camping this week. (*I don't like the commas in that sentence, but I'm thinking and typing too fast to pinpoint what's wrong with them.)

Which brings me to the news that we are camping this week. A feat that will be made all the more "special" because Groovy had a very non-groovy reaction to the sun and is now rashy and itchy, though not as itchy as when these PMLE attacks were a regular occurance.

Last Friday, Mulletman's folks celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary. :-D HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MOM AND DAD! (I have no idea why I just typed that. They never read my blog!)

Today, we did much work at home and had some fun too. Mulletman and Girly-Girl went on a tandem-bike-to-Pizza-Hut date while Silly-Head and I had an impromptu tea party. We didn't dress up, but we did talk fancy and practice our manners. Then we played several wild games of Old Maid and Connect Four. (If you don't consider those as wild games, it's only because you've never played with Silly-Head, the rule changer) And THEN we went outside and sprinted in uphill races against automobiles. I gotta tell you, the cars beat us every stinkin' time!

Tomorrow, we're off to spend the day at Funtown in Saco, ME. (That also will be made more interesting by a long sleeved sunshield shirt and sun hat. *sigh*)

Wednesday - we'll start a 3 day camping spree. The weather looks good (thus far), so we're hoping to have a lovely time.

When I get back? Many stories and photos and much silliness before we buckle down for...


He'll be here on leave from Iraq and this Groovy Mama will greet him with MUCH HOMEMADE FOOD!. :-D

No, I'm not excited at all...

OK. Gotta run. The blueberry pie is done and Mulletman and the girlies will be back any minute now with the ice cream!



Bear said...

What a groovy day.


Dawn said...

You are such a groovy mama! What fun. I have to say you have more energy than I've ever had.

Sorry about the sun reaction again. I am having something weird happening - my arms, the top part around the elbows, itch like crazy, sometimes in the middle of the night, for no apparent reason - under the skin, nothing shows. I just about gouge my skin raw, and it shows the next day. It's miserable.

Have fun camping - I wish I wanted to ever camp - it would make DC so happy.

Please e-mail me the name of your town - Kev is curious.

Lauri said...

The thought of blueberry pie and ice cream has me in tears. Why don't Africans eat pie??? We get those British pies which almost always have meat inside. And blueberries- forget it. :( Could it be posted? Or maybe you can take a photo of you eating it and I can imagine. I'm good at that. I'm a writer.

notcon4med said...

Ok, Dawn...we need to figure this itching out. I am having the exact same problem. The only thing that really brings relief is my hair brush! It really is miserable. I'm thinking about seeing the dermatologist.

Unknown said...

What a fun mom you are. I hope your girls realize how blessed they are! Stay safe and hug and thank Scout for me would ya'?

Anonymous said...

That blueberry pie has sent me into a state of rapturous imaginings. Mhmmmm.

Please give Mulletman's Mum and Dad my best wishes. 51 years is awesome.

Hope the camping is going well with not too much itching!