31 July 2009

I Just Don't Believe It!!!

And now, a partial list of things Groovy does NOT believe...

- I do not believe in routine colonoscopies.

- I do not believe I started my list with that particular topic!

- I do not believe every child should or needs to go to college.

- I do not believe in saving up money for college that my children may or may not go to.

- I do not believe most children need or should have cell phones. And by "children" I also mean "teenagers"!

- I do not believe early formal education is necessary or beneficial.

- I do not believe there is ever a good reason to kill an unborn child. Conversely,

- I do not believe that abortion is, in any way, unforgiveable. God's grace IS sufficient!

- I do not believe that "clean" means "spotless and perfect".

- I do not believe in anti-bacterial soaps or detergents.

- I do not believe in flu shots for the general populace (those with weak immune systems excepted).

- I do not believe in excess vaccinations.

- I do not believe snakes are icky (except when they poop on me).

- I do not believe there is enough dark chocolate in my diet.

- I do not believe there is any way to have peace with God except through Jesus Christ.

- I do not believe that technology is improving our lives.

- I do not believe there is any earthly way to defeat Japanese beetles (those evil fiends!).

- I do not believe President Obama is America's salvation. Conversely...

- I do not believe President Obama is the devil incarnate. He's just a man, trying to do a very, VERY difficult job.

- I do not believe there is anything wrong with wearing socks and sneakers with a skirt.

- I do not believe I'll ever be praised for my wonderful fashion sense!

- I do not believe the prices of breakfast cereals!

- I do not believe that I STILL haven't convinced Mulletman that we need dairy goats! (Grrrrr!)

- I do not believe there are "many ways" to God.

- I do not believe everyone will agree with my beliefs (or non-beliefs, as it were).

- I do not believe "it's all about me". (or "you", for that matter!)

- I do not believe how incredibly long it takes me to write a blog entry!

- I do not believe how much I care about my internutty friends! I pray for you folks every time I visit your blogs. I also pray for you at odd moments when God brings you to my mind. I have wept for some of you because you don't know the Lord who loves you so.

- I do not believe I signed up for another writing/creating "challenge" with Team One on Squidoo. I'll be trying to crank out as many high quality lenses as possible on Squidoo.com this month. You can bet that none of them will be on fashion!

- I do not believe I just signed on to teach biology labs again. Ok, yes I can. I WUV biology and I WUV teens. It's a wonderful combo!

- I do not believe I will love anyone less if they disagree with me. Being the weirdo that I am, I may even love you MORE!

- I do not believe the sun is shining right now and I am on the computer. I must go outside NOW and make vitamin D before it rains later today. On that note...

- I do not believe it's time to go, but it is. Until next time...


Keetha Broyles said...

About Family Camp: I'm not talking about an individual church camp out - - - this is a different animal entirely.

This is sponsored by the Indiana North District of the Wesleyan Church - - - all the Wesleyan Churches in northern Indiana are involved. Special speakers are brought in for the adults, young adults, teens, and kids.

Back in the day this was called Camp Meeting.

Susan said...

I do believe I enjoyed reading this post and that I totally agreed with you on most items....surely not the snake one!!!

Bear said...

I do not believe my blog is SO bad that you feel the need to pray every time you visit it.

Is it?


Marianne Arkins said...

I can't believe I agree with almost everything you wrote...


Lauri said...

You gotta love a woman with a heart and mind that loves all the wonderful variations of opinions and actually has a view on snake poop.

(crossing fingers Mulletman gives in on the dairy goats soon)

Tammy said...

I agree with a whole bunch of these...except for the snake one and anti-bacterial soap. Especially love using anti-bacterial soap after touching said snake. ;)

As for the American Girl movie, my daughter had each of her guests vote for one of the movies that she had, and the winner was the new one, Crissa. But I would have voted for Molly! :)

Unknown said...

I do believe I love the term you coined for us: "Internutty Friends"!!

Great approach to a blog post Groovy. Have a glorious Sunday!

PS: Can you move to FL when it's time for my Shaney to take biology labs? I believe your course would be so fun and he'd learn so much!

lifepundit said...

I do believe that you are fun.

I do believe your are my sister in Christ.

I do believe you are wrong about snakes.

I do believe teenagers needs cell phones but they are not a necessity. In other words, I do believe it's a good thing for my convenience and my daughter's safety.

And I do believe you and the teens will have a wonderful time in biology.

I believe I will come back soon.

Dawn said...

I agree on almost everything. I do believe we need to meet someday! Maybe next fall when I hopefully will make a trip out there to see my dear Kev.

Anonymous said...

I do believe you are one of the funniest, kindest people I have ever had the good fortune to come across. And you are wise to boot!

WildIrishRose33 said...

:-) This was fun to read