07 August 2009

*****Farm Report is Coming SOON*****

Hiho Folks! Here's the latest update from the Groovy news desk.

*I've been farm sitting all week. My hands hurt like the dickens from milking 7 goats twice a day.

*I have many pictures and humorous observations to share with you - hopefully tomorrow.

*The weather has been absolutely perfect all week.

*I have a terrific husband!!

*I had enough energy to actually clean the toilet yesterday.

*Thanks to an unusual stretch of nice weather and a very hard working hubby, our exterior painting project is about 2/3 done. Naturally I've helped as much as possible. (And by "help" I mean I did some trim work, brought out popcycles and helped move the BIG ladder. I also reviewed all my first aid skills in case Mulletman fell off of said ladder!)

*Goat cheese is fabulous on wheat crackers.

*Today is my last day farm sitting. I have an extra teen coming along for a "farm experience". I'm going to give her said experience by making her perform hard physical labor. Heh-heh-heh!

See ya'll tomorrow!


Superwoman said...

hee hee, you are somewhat evil I think! I used to visit my cousins up at their farm and they would make us have the "farm experience" by moving pipe. It was delightful. I was glad I was a city girl.

Sushiboy said...

I like goat cheese. Now I want some, perhaps I'll pick up some wheat crackers to go with the cheese. MMmmm.

Dawn said...

Sounds like another busy week for Groovy. I am so glad to hear that you and my son have been having some nice weather finally!

Looking forward to a complete report.