05 June 2009

I'm VERY Encouraged!

EDIT: I rode 65.75 miles today over every type of terrain imaginable and I'm still Alive!!!!

(And I didn't kill the other biker even if I DID make her crash...)



More coming tomorrow, but just wanted to say I am very encouraged. Yesterday Mulletman and I rode 54 miles together with 2 brief rest stops.

And I still feel good! And he said he was proud of me! And he said my riding strength/speed has improved drastically over last year!

So I'm going to aim for 60+ today (alone, in 20 mile segments).

Pray for Me!


Lauri said...

That's wonderful Groovy! Congrats!!

Keetha Broyles said...

Wow - - - you GO girl.

Not Hannah said...

Awesome! That's DEFINITELY encouraging.

Sushiboy said...

good for you!