14 March 2009

An "Award" I Truly Deserve (with no humble apologies)

Ah, a bloggy story is about to ensue. Are you ready?

One of my newer-ish bloggy friends is the ever entertaining and delightful Keetha. She often writes about sports, but I like her anyway. We are fellow science geeks and find it easy to get excited about beakers and test tubes and Mole Day. She also has a perky haircut that matches her personality. I mean, what's not to like?

I especially enjoy her little stories about the antics of her Sunday school kids and her 6th grade school class. Apparently, they are all as quirky as she is! Recently she ran a humorous anecdote about her 6th graders. (Sidenote: And just what's NOT humorous about a sixth grader?)

OK...I provided the link to the key blog entry in that last sentence. I'll wait here, while you go read it; it's short. You can do it. Go on...


Did you read it?

Funny bunch, aren't they? I'll bet they also like to experiment on the most proficient method for making armpit farts. (C,mon...admit it, guys. I used to have 6th graders!)

Anyhoo, after reading Keetha's entry, I made the following comment:

groovyoldlady said...
I could use a "Rudely finishes her husband's sentences" hat. You got one of those?

Guess what just came in the mail?

Yep...they actually made me my very own "Blurter's Hat"!!! The designer was the extremely talented Laura W. Thank you, Laura!

See. It says, "Rudely Finishes Her Husband's Sentences".

Um...Hmmmm. OK, so it says it backwards. That's not Laura's fault. That's mine for using PhotoBooth to take the pictures. It gives mirror images.

And here's the cheerful back. Note all the beaded danglies that make it so fun and festive!

And, since Groovy does indeed often catch herself rudely finishing her husband's sentences (poor guy!), here she is wearing it:

At this point I might add that Mulletman HIGHLY approves of the hat and thinks I should wear it every day as a reminder to NOT blurt.

So...Many, MANY thanks to my friend Keetha and her crazy class of blurting 6th graders. Thanks to you, I may actually one day overcome my own blurting tendencies.

And now - the best way to make an armpit fart? Think sweaty pits and bendy straws...




Keetha Broyles said...


I was hoping for one little picture of you wearing the hat and you gave us a smorgasboard of fun!!!!!

I'm so glad it came out of the mailer without any permanent creases!!!

Thanks for playing along so well. Monday I will SHOW them these pictures, but rest ASSURED I will NOT be telling them about the armpit noises!!!!


Susan said...

How fun!!! What a good sport you are wearing the hat. I'm afraid I'd qualify for that "Award" too!!! A bad habit for sure, and oh so hard to break :o(

Nancy said...

Hi, I clicked from Keetha's page. Such fun! I'm sure the 6th graders will love seeing your post on Monday.

Keetha Broyles said...

Awwwwww - - - lookey there!!! My friend Nancy came on over here from my blog AND left you a comment!!!

Lauri said...

Very nice Groovy. I can see this becoming a fad!

Ms. Kathleen said...

That is so cute and sweet and GROOVY!

Have a great week!

Damselfly said...

Hee hee! You and Keetha are such good sports. But the MulletMan loves your hat!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I love all the Blurter's Hats--6th grade/sentence finishing--all of them!

Keetha Broyles said...

Groovy, I showed pictures on this post to each and every one of my 6th graders today. I think they felt "proud" - - - like they'd been a part of something a little bigger than themselves.

They were quite in awe of the fact that they'd made a "connection" with someone as far away as Maine.

Dawn said...

What fun!! These cyber connections we have are so great.