27 November 2008


In my usual, perverse way of thinking, today I present you with a list of things I am thankful I DON'T have to deal with right now:

-I am not lost and purposeless
-I am not a widow
-I am not depressed
-My kids are not morons
-My husband is not a workaholic. Nor is he a lazy, beer drinking, couch potato.
-My dustbunnies do not bite.
-I am not obese.
-I do not have any horrible diseases (shall I list here all the diseases I do not have? Nah!)
-I don't have to haul my water from a town well far away
-Malaria is not an issue in Maine
-No poisonous snakes here either!
-I don't live in a shack with no heat
-We are not (currently) struggling financially
-I am rarely bored
-I don't have fleas or lice
-I am neither lonely nor alone
-My shoes are not too tight
-I am not starving or drinking contaiminated water
-I am not balding
-I don't bite my nails or smoke cigarettes or guzzle booze
-My dustbunnies don't bite
-I don't give in to guilt (often)

So what are YOU thankful to NOT have to worry about?


Marianne Arkins said...

LOL! Especially the non-biting dust bunnies:-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tammy said...

Hmmm...too many to list here!

By the way, just a moment ago, I showed my girls your video of the burning of the fort. Or, rather videos...plural. They absolutely loved them, and I fear we may have to do something similar now...

"No harm could ever come to the peaceful inhibitors of Ft. Grunder...but WAIT!" LOL
(I think we will have Gov. Daddy available with the lighter, though..."

Happy Thanksgiving to your family!

Dawn said...

Great idea! But methinks you might have a bit of guilt over the dust bunnies! I actually got my little girlies (the big little girlies) to dust yesterday! They were amazed at the amount of dust they found - bad Grandma! I too am thankful that dust isn't TOO harmful to the health! Because I just don't care that much any more.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

anno said...

What am I thankful for? Well, my fudge did not crumble, for one, and my dust bunnies don't bite! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Unknown said...

Not having fleas or lice would definitely be near the top of the list. Shudder.