05 November 2008

I am Both Shocked and Amazed

The first shocker? That I have actually been able to work on my novel while Mulletman is home. He said he'd be supportive of my NaNoWriMo attempt and he has been amazingly so. And shockingly so.

In the past he has always viewed my time on the computer with grave disapproval. The whole concept of blogging is completely asinine in his view. You're writing what? for who? Do you get paid? What's the point? Who ARE these people? You can't call them friends! (He's quite wrong there. While some of you are just pleasant acquaintances, a few of you are my sisters. You care about me and pray for me and give me wise counsel. You are friends in the truest sense of the word!)

He rolls his eyes at Squidoo (even though I'm making regular money there).

He totally doesn't understand Facebook, though that can't be TOO bad because it allows me to goof around long distance with Funsocksgirl. Besides, our pastor's wife has a Facebook, so that makes it cool, right?

He tolerates the Writers Weekly forum and even lets me send them Christmas Cards to my fellow writers all over the world. However, he's still trying to work out exactly what it is I write and where I'm trying to sell it and who cares.

So am I.


Anyway, he really seems to be on board with this whole novel-in-a-month concept. So much so that he's saying bizarre things like, "I'll take care of (laundry, lunch, phone calls, dusting), you just stay there and write."

Maybe he's hoping that just this once, I will FINISH a project that I've begun.

So do I.

Something else surprising? God seems to be taking a sad situation we know of and appears to be doing something miraculous there. This has our hearts filled with hope and tentative joy. I have a quote on my desk that says:

God wants to work the miraculous out of the ridiculous.

I very much think we are witnessing that.

I am amazed at all the attention I got from family yesterday, two days BEFORE my birthday. My sweet Mil took me out to The Olive Garden for some incredible food and a rich chocolate dessert. We hung out and talked and shopped a wee bit. It was a lovely time!

I came home to an empty house. Mulletman usually does some work at our church on Wednesdays, so I didn't think anything of it. However, when he and the girlies got home they burst into the house loudly singing a birthday ditty. They hugged me and gave me flowers and a perfect watch and homemade cards. Then they let me open my gift from Funsockgirl and J-Man. They got me a word puzzle book. Whoo-Hoo! I LOVE word puzzles. I justify the time I spend puzzling by reminding everyone that it helps prevent senility. I justify the time I spend puzzling by reminding everyone that it helps prevent senility.

They (they being SG and J-Man) also gave me this AWESOME itty bitty card with 2 itty bitty hand dipped candles and a teensy tiny candle holder. It is amazingly cool!

Next they (They being Mulletman and the girlies) Took me out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Olé!!! Even more startling? He, Mulletman, my shy let's-not-draw-attention-to-ourselves husband had the restaurant staff sing the stupid, embarassing clappy song and bless me with a genuine Mexican sombrero.

Photos will be posted on Friday, which is my actual birthday. If you overnight express the chocolate NOW, then I will receive it on time.

I'm just saying...

I am still full from all the deee-licious free food and I find myself reminded of a chapter in an Alexander McCall Smith book, "Free Food Makes you Fat".

I justify the time I spend puzzling by reminding everyone that it helps prevent senility.

I am rather astonished that Woman's Day entered me in a contest where I might win a $100 American Express gift card. Approximate retail value? $100

I know, you are shocked too. I assumed the approximate retail value would be, like, $25.95 or something.

I am utterly dumbfounded at what lousy photos our camera takes. I keep trying be thankful that I HAVE a camera, but I am failing miserably. If you are ever tempted to buy a Sony DSC-S650...DON'T!

I am flabbergasted at how quickly dust can build up. Didn't I clean the whole house just yesterday?

I justify the time I spend puzzling by reminding everyone that it helps prevent senility.


I am astounded at my characters have taken over my novel. They are calling me now, their voices rising and falling and growing into a demanding cacophony of dialogue and action.

Gotta go! I'm shooting for 12,000 words by Friday night.



Anonymous said...

That MM, he's a keeper. But you knew that already.


Tammy said...

Good luck with the writing, Groovy...

And I don't know the situation you're referring to personally, but can I take that as encouragement on a national level?
God can make the miraculous out of the ridiculous...I am SO praying for that right now after the election!

anno said...

12,000 words by Friday! Whoa, girl! Your husband sounds amazing, definitely a keeper.

Dawn said...

I am glad MM is getting into the spirit of things! And that you're having such a wonderful pre-birthday! And that you're keeping senility at bay with puzzles.

When I met up with Nancy for lunch in NC, her relatives were not happy - afraid that she was getting into something dangerous. I agree with everything you said about our blogging friendships.

Anonymous said...

Struggling with my own word count. I hope to catch up with you!

You seem to get so much done. I tried so hard to free up my day and everything I did to create time seemed to eat more than it created. Tried new crockpot recipe -- I think I could have raised a cow in the time it took to put it together.

Anyway. It was delicious and I needed to do it because daughter is going on church retreat for weekend and we needed to have a family night. Which means I can't write, though I guess that's just what I'm doing here on your blog.

Good luck and keep inspiring me with your progress!

Karen said...

Oh, I do love word puzzles, and I'm so glad to hear they keep you from...silliness?

I can definitely relate to the characters being noisy and the muse telling all kinds of tales. Makes trying to carry on a conversation a bit of a challenge. Right smack dab in the middle of chatting with LOTM about his job, I'll mutter something about Cole and how long it takes to recover from bruised and/or broken ribs.

Of course, then, he (LOTM) gets all excited and wants to know if we're having ribs for dinner, and I have no idea WHAT he's talking about and the next thing I know, he's handing me a word puzzle and walking away.

Word verification? Phrounce. Yeah, ok...

Anonymous said...

Just reading this has increased my levels of motivation. Your positivity always rubs off on me. Thank, hon!

Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday dear Groovy! No wonder I think you're cool-we share birthday months. Mine is Sat.

Olive Garden, you say? Mexican food you say? I think you are living MY life now!