07 November 2008

A Groovy 45

Well, my friends, today I celebrate 45 years of life.


Here was my groovy self at the tender age of 8. I still remember how upset my mom was that I didn't have the presence of mind to take my purse off my shoulder before this school photo was taken.

The festivities continued yesterday with my in-laws bursting into the house bearing gifts and singing loudly and delightfully off-key to me.

Today, I'm cancelling school. (Hey, that means more writing time! Yippee!!!) GrammaJ is taking me out to lunch (MORE free food...Score!) and then we're going to the grand opening of a relocated Goodwill store.

Hey, nothing says says Happy Birthday like shopping for used clothing, right?

Then, we'll swing by and pick up Grammy and head over to an open house at "The Coloniel Keeping Room". This place is only a mile or so from my house and I've been passing it for years. But I never went in because I never knew exactly what it was - A bed and breakfast? A craft shop? An antique store? Then I noticed that they have a new, more explanatory sign up. They sell pine furniture and quilts, etc.

I love pine furniture and quilts, etc.! Even better, they recently had an ad in the paper announcing an open house this weekend with free wassail.

Isn't wassail fun to say?

Wassail, Wassail, Wassail, Wassail, Wassail, Wassail, Wassail.

I'd be a fool to pass up free birthday wassail!


What can it be? What can it BE???

The gift is a way cool watch. It's shiny and pretty and water proof and has a glowy dial and it won't turn green because my sweet family spent more than $6 on it! Better than the gift, though, are the gift givers. :D

Ooooo, Looky! A word puzzle book from Funsocksgirl and J-Man. I justify the time I spend puzzling by reminding everyone that it helps prevent senility. (Where have I heard that before?) I justify the time I spend puzzling by reminding everyone that it helps prevent senility.

And here we are admiring the itty bitty birthday candle holder.

Here it is in action. Ooooooo. Aaaaaaaaaw. Isn't pretty with my birthday flowers?

A pretty Shirt from the Folks. They also gave me some groovy socks and earrings to match!

It's been (and still is) a very Happy Birthday indeed!

Ah, and I have yet another day of celebration tomorrow because Scout FINALLY got his plane ticket and is coming home for a visit. I know we won't see much of him - he has an important agenda while he's here - but we'll get in some precious time and LOTS of photos in between his runs to see friends and hang with his 3 beautiful children.

Happy birthday to ME!


Marianne Arkins said...

Happy Birthday!!!! LOL on your school picture. I never smiled in ANY of mine, until third grade when my parents threatened me with all kinds of bad things.

You should see the quality of THAT smile. Ha.


Sarita said...

Happy Birthday!

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday again! Sounds like you're having a great one. Just think I was Sweet 16 (and maybe been kissed?!) when you were born. Yikes!!

The purse hanging across yourself just gave me a good chuckle. And that you remember the scolding - priceless.

Have a wonderful time with Scout. Do your grands live close by?

Sushiboy said...

Happy Birthday! Hooray!

groovyoldlady said...

Thank you, all of you!

Dawn: The kids live about 45 minutes from here, but come into out town during the week M-F, so my grandson can attend some special classes.

Anonymous said...

You are just as beautiful and even more groovy with time.

Happy Birthday all week long.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, GOL! Sounds like you're having a great one.

Karen said...

By the way, I'm older than you are, and I'm STILL not middle aged.

anno said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like you have a fabulously groovy day planned, wassail and all. I have it on very credible authority that if your new age is divisible by 5, the festivities may continue right through until the end of the month. Enjoy!

Tammy said...

Happy 45th birthday from your fellow 45 yr old home school blogging friend!!! :D
So glad it's been good so far, and I love the pictures...the one with you and your girls smiling is wonderful! :D

Bluegrass Mama said...

Happy birthday! 45--I remember it well. It was only when I hit 50 that my body started falling apart....so enjoy the next 5 years! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday dear heart and many more of them. You are still a baby! LOL! I have a few years on you. Notice please I said few!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday dear Groovy! Nothing like having family around to make any day special. My heart was warmed to read that your Scout was coming in.

My big day is tomorrow! 48 for me!

Superwoman said...

AWWW, Happy Birthday, I'm so glad you had a great day!

Carole Burant said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Groovy
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu!!!

I so enjoyed looking at all the pictures, you don't look 45, you must be kidding and are really 29!!! hehe So glad to hear you've had a great birthday and more celebrating to come:-) xoxo

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR GROOVY. I love that little candle holder. You have such a loving family. It always touches me to read about them. Have a wonderful day!

Keetha Broyles said...

Happy Birthday indeed - - - you young thing you!!!

I can say that, my age is your age transposed.

Unknown said...

Happy Belated Birthday-
Looks like you had a lovely Birthday-I stopping by from allmed to say Hi

Ms. Kathleen said...

Happy Belated Birthday and you look great for 45 that's for sure. It would be nice to be 45 again...That was a few years ago, not a lot, just a few 'o'

Anonymous said...

Groovy, Even though I am much older, but not much wiser, I think your youthful photograph is wonderful. Your girls look like you, which means they will be beautiful women and wise like you...I am glad your birthday was filled with joy. Even though we do not get much time to chat, please know that your very presence in my life speaks of the goodness and faithfulness of God to me. God Bless this coming year.

Bear said...

I'm so sorry I missed this post... the invitation must still be in the mail... hey Groovy?

But Happy Birthday and many happy returns anyway... despite your snubbing of me.


Damselfly said...

Happy belated birthday! I love seeing the eight-year-old you. You can really see the you in your girls.