06 October 2008

Groovy Goes Bananas

Lifted this meme from Marianne because the only thoughts I can pull together today are being disrupted by THIS:

1. Do you have certain times of the day when you have to have things done? Does your day run on a timetable? Or are you more of a laissez-faire kind of person?


Well...I always have good intentions. Does that count?

2. What one word describes you on a good day? What about on a bad day? What one word would your best friend use to describe you? What one word would your significant other use to describe you?

Good day: cheerductive.
Bad day: selfish
Best Friend: peace-maker
Hubby: lovable :D

3. Your blog is being made into a television show. What kind of show will it be? Sit-com? Drama? How long is it? Hour? Half-hour? Sunday night movie? And most importantly, who are your show’s sponsors?

Half-hour sitcom sponsored by Fiber One. (We really need help because we're so "irregular".)

4. What is your favorite perfume or cologne? How often do you wear perfume or cologne? Has anyone ever told you smelled good/bad? If so, how did that make you feel? Flattered? Self-conscious? Uncomfortable?

I don't wear perfume and I use unscented deoderant etc. Asthma and chemical perfumes are a bad combo. However, I DO like lavender bubble bath.

The one time Mulletman said, "Mmmmm, you smell good!" was after I had applied insect repellant. Go figure!

Sing with me now!

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Bananaphone
Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Bananaphone
I've got this feeling,
So appealing
For us to get together and sing...



Marianne Arkins said...


Now it's in MY head.


Dawn said...

My goodness - I am SO far behind! Kristen made me a nice new look, but somehow I lost most of my links on my sidebar. I hope she can get them back. My memory isn't good enough to know who I"m missing!

Love the answers to the meme - love the overheard conversations.

We haven't had to turn on the furnace yet - it has been a glorious fall so far.

Karen said...

You. Are. A. Cruel. Woman.

That song will NEVER get out of my head, and now? Now it has joined in unholy alliance with the song that never ends.

Damselfly said...

I think you're bananas.