04 October 2008

Lots of Stuff and Things and, um, well...Stuff

How's THAT for a mediocre post title?

Dang it's been hard to get time to write lately. So much going on!

And in the midst of all the goings on I overheard some interesting conversations:


Young mother with 2 young school aged girlies, as they past the liquor section in the grocery store:

Older Child: Mama, what's in those pretty bottles?

Younger child: Oooo. Can we buy some?

Mother: No, no. Those are special drinks for grown-ups. They're not good for kids; they have too much...caffeine.

Mulletman and I were having a relaxing lunch after playing (think music here) a funeral. The table next to us had three elderly ladies enjoying desserts.

Frail Lady: Stands up carefully, using the table to help steady herself. Once she's sure of her balance she totters away.

Hunched Lady: Irritably Now where's she off to?

Cheerful Lady: quietly She had to use the restroom.

Hunched Lady: rather loudly AGAIN??!!??!!

And now...Hmmm, let's see. Someone tagged me for a memememememe, but I can't remember who AND someone gave me a groovy blogging award (which made me all teary with appreciation when I saw it), but I can't remember who did that either. However, I'd like to publicly thank whoever it was and pass the award on to all of you, wherever you are.

Last night I lay in bed and could not sleep because I suddenly realized that an offhanded compliment I gave to Tubby Bear on his blog may have been misconstrued as an offhanded insult. So just for the record: TUBBY BEAR, I WUV YOU! (I just think your blog is a little lackluster compared to our dear friend Angry's blog, which no one else can see to compare -except Selma -because it is a figment of our imaginations. Nonetheless, your post "Bon Voyage Little Bear" bordered on sheer genius.)

There, I feel better now.

Got my very Groovy middle-aged health report. My cholesterol numbers are awesome, I haven't got cancer and my bones are dense and strong. My hip/back problem is resolving and I'm back to lifting weights and sweating and grunting and all that. In other words, I'm good for now.

BUT, how 'bout you? It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Have you gals been squashed yet?

If not, make that appointment NOW!

Thank you.

I gave in yesterday and turned the furnace on for a while. It was soooooooooo nice!


After seven years I am FINALLY beginning to realize that it is useless, futile, and a complete waste of breath to use "Hurry" and "SillyHead" in the same sentence. That child does not have one single hurry bone in her body!


Girly-Girl is following in her Groovy mother's footsteps and becoming a first class horse freak. She loves all things equine. Books, posters, puzzles, model horses, horses on her clothing. She even looks horses up fequently in the encyclopedia. So I thought she be overjoyed when I told her I had arranged for her and Silly-Head to go riding tomorrow afternoon on a well-seasoned gentle pony. Instead, her eyes got big and little moist. "Mama, I'm not sure I want to ride. Horses are BIG!"



Well, now I'm off to shop with GrammaJ and have a wee bit of school with the girls (we skipped school on Monday due to FMBS: foggy-mama-brain-syndrome) and do even MORE music planning and some reading and some writing and...hey, is that sunshine out there???...maybe some yard work.

Have a beautiful day in the Lord!



Marianne Arkins said...

I turned my heat on this morning... even hugging my hot coffee cup wasn't helping. I still feel guilty, but I'm WARM and guilty.

And, my squashing appointment is scheduled for January around my b-day. A little gift for myself.

I get my annual pap at Christmas.


You can take days off for FMBS??? I had no idea! Think of the time I could miss... like, yanno, every day.


Happy weekend.

Superwoman said...

We just have rain and more rain and more rain, all weekend.
Oh, and my kids would miss school every day if I tried to homeschool them, of course due to FMBS.

Unknown said...

YIKES! Furnace, in this heat?? Oh you aren't in Florida where I am! I can't imagine turning on any heat yet! Our a.c. is on though.

There was so much in this post to comment on, but I wouldn't know where to start! I do need to get my squashing appt. made though! Thanks for the reminder.

Bear said...

Oh Groovy, misconstrue one of your compliments as an insult? That would never happen... because when you insult me I jolly well know that I've been insulted. (tehe)

And so I'll take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, I love you too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the compliment, dear Groovy. You are lovely.

Yes, my gals are getting squashed next week. Never a pleasant process but a very necessary one. I get so nervous as I wait for the results. You just never know, do you?

So glad all is well with you. Always a joy to read your posts!

Maryannwrites said...

Had to comment about your Girly-Girl not wanting to ride the horse. My youngest grandchildren - both girls - love to come to "Grandma's Ranch" and feed the "doats" and the horse. They beg for rides, but are a bit leery when it comes to being up on that big horse. They feel better if Dad rides with them.

groovyoldlady said...

Hahahaha! Hi Maryann. Silly me! You DID come to my blog...why here you are!

I now realize that you came here FIRST and THEN caught up with me on Twitter.

Pardon me while I get over the wonder of it all.


OK. All better.

If Girly-Girl is nervous around the big horses, we could definitely double up. However, I think my friend, Kat, was going to start them off with a smaller, well-mannered pony, so hopefully the girls won't be overwhelmed.