09 June 2008

The Top Ten Reasons Why Groovy is VERY STRESSED Right Now



2. Groovy is seriously doubting her ability to go the whole 180 miles.

3. Wrist pain

4. Butt pain (stop laughing - it's a normal cycling hazard)

5. The house is dirty and Groovy won't have time to clean it before the Trek

6. Have I ever mentioned how far behind we are in school here?

7. GrammaJ genuinely needs help but she'll be alone all weekend.

8. Heat and humidity that hit very suddenly - and no time to acclimate. Let's not forget to add that we have no A/C and that Groovy's asthma is markedly worse in humid weather.

9. Bad hair and Groovy still feels fat, even after all that working out. (Yeah, I know that's 2, but they're both related to body image, so I figure I can get away with it.)

10. They're still sawing and burning and digging and hauling and chopping and making CONSTANT noise on the property next door; the property that used to be quiet, peaceful woods.




Marianne Arkins said...

One thing: It's supposed to cool down pretty dramatically for this weekend. Hope it does!!!

Good luck.

Damselfly said...

Hope you can find a peaceful spot to relax soon!

Dawn said...

I heard that you have been in the furnace the last few days - really weird! I absolutely could NOT do what you're doing in the heat like that.

I'd love to lose the 20 pounds together. I'm a backslidden lifetime WW member - I know the program inside and out. I just need to do it. I'll have to Google the Sonoma diet - sounds interesting.

I have to lose 40, but will take 20 in the first year! Ready, set, GO!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Poor Groovy!

Corn Dog said...

#4 whaaaat? Are you referring to me? like pain in the arse

anno said...

Butt pain & wrist pain are both reasons I don't ride. I keep thinking about a recumbent, which makes M. snort. But a girl can dream, right?

I hope that promised cooling front comes just in time for you. Might help with a lot of those items on your list right now. Good luck!