06 June 2008

Another Lame Meme to Dazzle You With Information

Well, we did it, folks! With your generosity, I have met my minimum requirements for fundraising for the American Lung Association and the Trek Across Maine.

Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!!!

Of course, I'd love to do more than the minimum, so if you are still inclined to give you can do so right up until Wednesday (June 11) evening. Just click my donation link on the sidebar and go for it!


My sweet writer friend Anno, has blessed me with these two awards:

I am honored and overjoyed to be loved and to receive such acclaim for my excellent blog content. Ironically, I have nothing of interest to say today -just this little MeMe lifted from Grandma Dawn:

In your entire life, have you ever...

...gone on a blind date?
Nope, although I did "date" a guy I never met via telephone while in Jr. High. We finally broke up because he was cheating on me. Can you imagine????

...skipped school? Never.

...watched someone die? Only our sweet doggie, Emily Sue.

...been to Canada? Many times. Quebec is not too far. We haven't been there since all the passport hoopla, though.

...been to Mexico? We used to live in McAllen and in Edinburg, Texas. We went into Reynosa on a regular basis!

...been to Florida? Went to jr. high in the Orlando area; Went to high school, met my sweety, and got married in Daytona Beach.

...been on a plane? Yes. I've only flown a few times, but I think it's perfectly marvelous!

...been lost? Too many times to count. Clearly, I am directionally impaired.

...been on the opposite side of the country? Yes. I went to the western states and to the California coast when I was seven or eight years old. I haven't been that far west since.

...gone to Washington, DC? I LOVE to visit DC. When Funsocksgirl and Scout were home we used to go there once a year to do the touristy thing. Now that the girlies are getting older we'll start doing it again.

...swam in the ocean? Yes, but after getting all skinned up body surfing and seeing people stung by jelly fish, I am not overly fond of ocean water - except in tidal pools!

...had your booze taken away by the cops? There was none for them to take.

...lettered in a high school sport? I used to (I'm serious now) pray that I would pass out in P.E. so that I could opt out of the class. Never happened.

...cried yourself to sleep? Many times. However, why do they always insist on putting this question in memes? It's a stupid question. Anyone who ever was a teenager has to answer "yes". It ranks right up there with those idiotic "Who do you think will do this meme next?" Or the infamous "Have you ever loved someone so much you cried?"

Asinine questions!

...played cops and robbers? Oh yes, definitely. Might I add here that ice cubes make formidable weapons.

...played dolls? Absolutely. Though I dropped the baby dolls early and went for the Barbies. HOWEVER, my barbies were merely accessories to the real heroes, my model horses. Barbie was stupid and forever getting into jams (What? Stuck on pillow mountain AGAIN? Sheesh!) and the horses, most especially Buckskin, would always have to rescue her.

...recently colored with crayons? Is last week recent enough?

...sung Karaoke? No, I never hang out anywhere where they do that. I do occasionally sing to back-up cds, but I prefer live accompaniment.

...paid for a meal with coins only? Heh-heh-heh. There are reasons why the McD's folks run when they see me coming...

...done something you told yourself you wouldn't? I have 4 children. In parenting these four children I have broken almost every parenting rule I ever had planned to adhere to.

...cheated on an exam? No, never. People were always trying to look at MY papers to cheat off of me. (and no, I didn't let them.)

...made prank phone calls? Whenever I could, as a kid. I finally stopped when someone told me authoritatively that "They" have ways to track down your phone number and location and will throw you in jail for bothering people.

...laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? When all goes well I cause that to happen to OTHER people.

...caught a snowflake on your tongue? Of course!

...danced in the rain? I dance in grocery store aisles, so why not in the rain?

...written a letter to Santa Claus? yep. And we left out cookies and beer for him too and I was always wildly excited in the morning to see that he had actually consumed our offering.

...been kissed under the mistletoe? I never kiss and tell. :-)

...watched the sunrise with someone you care about? No, I only watch sunrises with people I hate. (Just kidding! This is another idiotic question.)

...been arrested? Nope, but I should have been. I helped break into the jr. high when I was in 5th grade. We stole toilet paper and paper towels and used them to wrap trees. I also (same year) played in railroad cars and helped "steal" a volkswagon. We put it in neutral and pushed it to the other end of the parking lot.

Yes, Groovy was a very bad hat in 5th grade!

...blown bubbles? with my spit? of course! I've also made bubble solution and done scientific experiments concerning bubble solution viscosity.

...gone ice-skating? Twice. ever. I think I'd like it better if I could do it more regularly.

...been skinny dipping outdoors? Once, at Christian camp in South Carolina. We spent most of our swimming time plotting how to get redressed REALLY QUICKLY!

...had a nickname? Buckskin (Girl Scouts), Freight Train (5th grade!), Cockroach (Thanks, Mom), Sher, Groovy, Sherrybell

...been to Africa? Nope, but I have several friends there and another family of friends moving to Swaziland later this summer.

...eaten cookies for dinner? hasn't everyone?

...been on TV? In 4th grade (before Groovy went bad) I played Maria in a toned down version of The Sound of Music. We performed 4 times and one of the performances was filmed by the local public television station and broadcasted in South Texas for all to see.

...stolen any traffic signs? Nope.

...been in a car accident? Many, but none serious and only one was my fault.

What is your....

...mother's name?

...favorite drink? good coffee

...favorite alcohol? It's very rare that I drink at all. However, Mulletman and I recently discovered that a sangria/white wine blend is quite nice.

...birthplace? Willoughby, Ohio

...favorite vacation spot? Camping - preferably without bugs.

...favorite salad dressing? The vidaia onion dressing at Riverside Market is to die for!

...favorite pie? blueberry - but don't make it overly sweet.

...favorite number? - I don't have one.

...favorite movie? It depends on my mood...

...favorite holiday? The week after Christmas.

...favorite food? That so depends on my mood...

...favorite day of the week? I would say Sunday, except that it's usually a very long and tiring day. Consequently, I like Monday pretty well.

...favorite brand of body wash? I use organic bar soap.

...favorite toothpaste? Jason's (organic) "Sea Fresh"

...favorite smell? Baking bread, fresh brewed coffee, fresh lavender, a good old fashioned Mid-West BBQ.

Do you have any...

No, but I always have a grease mark from my bike chain on my right calf. I like to pretend it's a tatoo.

...body piercings? Two holes in each ear.

Do you drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? The Subaru technically has 5. The Villager has 3 doors and a hatch.

What do you do to relax? Read, blog, write, eat, soak in the tub

How do you see yourself in 10 years? Post menopausal (and doing the dance of joy!), older, and still groovy!



Dawn said...

Great answers! You entertain, as usual. Congrats on the awards and especially on reaching your goal! Happy trails!

Corn Dog said...

I like your "tattoo."

Tammy said...

You did a great job with this meme, Groovy!
And yay...so glad you reached your fundraising goal!!! Woohoo!
(Now, try not to get too many bike grease tatoos...) ;)

Damselfly said...

Hey, didn't you just thank me for not tagging you for a meme?! :) You deserve those awards -- congrats!

(Must think of way to use ice cubes as weapons!)

anno said...

I loved your answers to this MeMe (perfect word). Congratulations on meeting your goal - good luck on that ride! And. Of course I love you, don't be silly!