12 May 2008

Hello...My Name is Groovy

Greetings, I am Groovyoldlady and this is my blog.

No really, it IS. And I DO write in it (on it? for it?)......sometimes......on occasion.....once in a while.

Actually, I cannot believe how incredibly busy I have been. TOO busy.

I have been wriding my bike instead of writing my blog. We have been Mother's Daying and Silly-Head Birthdaying and catching up on schoolwork and gathering items for our yard sale and working with goats and planning camping trips and wreading books and preparing for GrammaJ's upcoming surgery and dealing with a high-maintainance husband unrevealed family member.

Sadly, I have not been gardening. Once again I fear I have excitedly bought seeds only to have them sit in their cute little packets in the garage all summer because I never dug up the soil in the veggie garden. Perhaps I shall pretend I PLANTED those dandelions out there ON PURPOSE to, you know, eat them or brew them or something.

Nah, even I don't have that much imagination!

Oh well, at least my perennials are looking good. For the time being. Because the weeds dandelions are still so short.

I really need to get those girlies out there to do some weeding!

Speaking of weeding, I've been wreading the Tolkien books again. They never seem to get old.


I'm still $180 short on my fundraising for the Trek and time is flying by. Mulletman is $315 short. If you can help Mulletman or me (and the American Lung Association), then click those links on my sidebar. It's painless, it really is, and you'll be helping folks with lung disease! You will also keep us encouraged to ride even when we feel like crap (which I did today - feel sorry for me. PLEASE!).


I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day. I certainly did. Little Silly-Head was born on Mother's Day in 2001 so we had a combo celebration this year. After church we all went out to Applebee's for some yummy food. We didn't have to wait, the service was awesome and the food was quite tasty. This was good because last year's "celebration" at a nearby seafood place was pretty much a fiasco and we were lucky that Gramp didn't make front page news by killing or maiming the waiter. Yeah - no one wants to have that much fun two years in a row.

After lunch we and all the grands converged at our house for a party. Gifts and hugs were given to all the moms. Girly-Girl and Silly-Head gave me chocolate (Way to go, Girlies!) and Funsocksgirl bought me Hubert, a blue phrog for my pansy garden.

Then, of course, we did a Mother's Day photo shoot:

Me and GrammaJ

Grammy and Mulletman

Me and the Girlies (My, what a stunning and versatile, LLBean, grey sweatery-jackety thing I am wearing!)

MORE Me and the Girlies ('cause they're so darned cute!)

Then, of course we all blew up balloons and had cake and presents for the birthday girl -my BABY - who will be SEVEN years old tomorrow. Un. be. liev. a. ble!

Funsocksgirl called with well wishes for her groovy mom and her silly sister, and her beloved J-Man sent me an ecard - in Norwegian. So THAT really made the day special.

But the crowning point was that I was hoping Scout would call and was, at the same time, trying NOT to expect him to call because he's forgetful, because he's busy, because he's such a bonehead and I didn't want to get all disappointed.

But he called. And we talked for an hour. And it was wonderful.

I'm getting all teary now. *sniffle*

He's still a bonehead in many ways, but he's MY bonehead and I love him. *sniffle* *sniffle*

And he's going to Mosul, Iraq an undisclosed, top-secret middle eastern destination in December. *sniffle* *sniffle* *sniffle*

(Actually, bad mom that I am, I'm not all that worked up about him going to war. I'm much more concerned about his daily lack of wisdom in living than in the possibility of him becoming a war casualty. If you think to pray for him, please do! Pray that he will bend his knee before the King of Kings.)

Tomorrow the festivities will continue as we join our 4-H group on a field trip to the DEW Animal Kingdom in the morning and a camp out in our backyard in the evening, complete with hotdogs, roasted marshmallows and one of Mulletman's extra goofy ghost stories.

OK...it's been a tough day - hormones running amuck and a sinus headache and all that. I think I'm off to soak in a nice hot tub and wread about Frodo and Tom Bombadil and Aragorn. Oh, how I love me some Aragorn!


notcon4med said...

Well, I don't think you're a bad mom at all. My prayers for him run about the same...wherever God sends him. Happy Birthday to Silly-Head! Maybe I can find an e-card for her in Portuguese!

Peggy said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and the kind words. Glad your daughter decided to get another goat. I have lent 2 of my doelings out for 4H projects and shows. Love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely family you have. I am glad Mother's Day turned out to be so happy for you. I am praying Scout will be OK when he is sent overseas. And I agree with you completely- I love me some Aragorn too. COR!

Lone Butterfly said...

I'll be praying for Scout - and for you.

Your Mother's Day looked like it was quite fun, especially combined with a Birthday.

And I'm LOVING the phrog! ;)

Susan said...

Loved this read, Groovy!! I know, and relate, to what you said about your son. So glad he called and you had a wonderful talk. I was wondering if you were doing the goats again this year. I passed some a few days ago, driving into town, and thought about you guys.

Damselfly said...

I don't know where to start....

I love your phrog. I love your family photos. You've had a much more eventful weekend than I did. I love the cake. I love the cards the girls made.

O Busy One, take a deep breath!

Dawn said...

Well, for someone with hormones running amuck and a sinus headache to boot, you did a mighty newsy and fun post! Happy Mother's Day and all that. And Lord, please lead and guide Bonehead or Scout or whatever his read name is, to yourself!

Anonymous said...

Hi Groovy,

Re:dandelions. Desperate Writer has a receipe for dandelion soup over at her blog.
Your post was a great read, a rollercoaster. Thanks. DavidM

Anonymous said...

You have so very much going on! Heavens! Most of it looks like fun.

My seeds are sitting in their little packets but I REALLY AM GOING TO PLAN T THEM THIS WEEKEND. Really. I am. Want to do a seed-planting challenge?

Your pansies look great. Mine died. Getting hot. Plus neglect.

About Scout: You're okay about him because you know he's in God's hands. You're not okay about him because you know he has free will.

A dear friend's son was in Iraq and on my prayer list. She forwarded a photo of him with his buddies over there, and I was shocked to see he was smoking a cigar. Here I was, praying for his health and safety, and he's taken up smoking. So there you go. (He's been twice now and seemed to enjoy it. Really.)

Prayers for Scout's safety, health and ability to resist cigars.

Tammy said...

OK...I was going to give you a rough time about not coming to comment at my place lately when I read here how very busy you are.
And you're feeling hormonal...and I am the queen of hormones so I wouldn't dare give you a hard time because I so understand!

I just loved the Mother's Day photos, Groovy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration! I give you credit about your son going to war. I don't know if I could handle it!

Praying for his safe return!

Dawna said...

Well, I thought i would be creative and say "hello" in Norwegian but after googling it, "hello" is merely "Hallo". Not very impressive.

Hope the hor-mo-knees are calming down and that you are enjoying your wreading. I heart Aragorn as well. I began reading the Tolkein series on a plane and never made it past ol' Tom. Perhaps I should dive into it again.

Oh... I owe you a snickers by the way. You will receive it when you least expect it... and when I remember to pick it up. ha ha ha.

Love the photos and the phroggie. I'm lifting up Scout before Daddy's throne and I'm lifting you up too dear friend.

Keep on keepin' on.

Unknown said...

Groovy! I think I wrote the first part of this post. I've been way too busy and with the school year coming to an end, I'm almost panicky, thinking of what didn't get accomplished and I still have one more Mother/Daughter Luncheon to attend tomorrow, er make that today as it is now almost 1 a.m. Sat.
I will pray for your Scout. God love him. I feel we may have something in common with our sons as well. Mine is in church, but not as near or God focused as he once was. So would you mind recpricating with prayer for him?
I love you and your blog and , yes, a little Aragorn never hurts! We have the series in books as well as in DVDs. Classics!

Rita Loca said...

Lots of news!!! Will pray fro your son and am so proud of our soldiers!

Dawn said...

I am so far behind and decided to catch up tonight, only to find out that you are incredibly busy and haven't had time to write for awhile. I hope you are doing well!

Jeff Wendland said...

What a beautiful family! I know what you mean about gardening, I am so behind, but like you, I have tons of dandelions too