19 May 2008

Groovy Thoughts

Hiho, Internetty Friends-O-Mine! Decided I'd take a few minutes and share some groovy thoughts with ya about...

The Past:

We had a yard sale this past weekened - "We" being Groovy, GrammaJ, and Grammy. I was a little worried that it might be stressful because GrammaJ spent two nights here and tension often follows in her wake, but all went well. Everybody got along and we all made money. It was really nice to do a sale with so much help. We were each able to take off as needed for food or bathroom breaks, which heretofore has been an unheard of luxury whilst manning the till. I even got some of that much needed weeding done! I didn't get in any riding on Friday or Saturday, but I billed myself as "Beefy Girl" and did all the hauling and lifting for everyone. LOTS of hauling and lifting.

My muscles are still thanking me.

GrammaJ has only been here since October, so she really hasn't had any opportunities to sit outside all day in Maine during black fly season before. On Friday she got a bad sunburn on her face and neck before we wizened up and gave her sunscreen and a hat. Then on Saturday, which was cloudier, she provided her lovely southern fried flesh as a black fly buffet. By Sunday morning she was mis.er.a.ble. So miserable, in fact, that she made a trip to the Emergency Room where they had the audacity to tell her that no, she was not dying, and advised her to get some aloe-vera/lydacaine ointment and aspirin for her burn and gave her an antihistamine for the bites. Poor GrammaJ!

There's been the sound of chain saws and crashing on the property that abuts ours. It's for sale and apparently the current owners have been clearing a swath to the back lot so a would-be purchaser can see where a house could go. This is all fine and dandy except that on Saturday they were over on the border eyeing some of OUR trees. (At least, I think they're our trees.) Mulletman and I decided that a call to the town office and to the realtor is in order to make sure that we're clear on where the boudary lines are.

The Present:

I am typing.

The girls are still asleep and I should be waking them up.

We are out of coffee!! (I can hear Tim Horton's calling me...)

I am wearing my LLBean grey sweatery-jackety garment of joy and happiness.

There is a hummingbird on my feeder. :)

We're seeing evidence of this scientific breakthrough right here in Maine.

The Near Future:

Today I may or may not be picking up GrammaJ to ccome over and do her laundry and then run some errands. It all depends on how the ole sunburn-black-fly-mauled body parts are feeling.

If she IS coming, I'll be riding today while she babysits and washes her clothes, then we'll probably go shoe shopping. She needs some sneakers with "velcron" before her hand surgery on Thursday. She also needs to grocery shop for some easy to prepare (with one hand) foods. If she isn't coming then this groovy gal REALLY needs to do some housework and schooling. REALLY! I also need to mail out my paper fundraising letters. We've only four weeks to go before the Trek and I've been negligent in the printing/folding/mailing department.

Our church drama team is having a dinner and planning session this eveing where we'll be brainstorming skit ideas or a sermon series through Leviticus.

Yes, I AM serious!

The Future:

Tons more riding (and HILLS) and fundraising.

GrammaJ's surgery on Thursday. She''s having a total joint replacement in her left hand that may leave her immobilized for 2-3 MONTHS. I forsee a very fun summer for all of us! (Please pray that she recovers quicker than expected and pray for peace and sanity for all of us. Thanks!)

The Trek Across Maine! (T-4 weeks and counting. You can still donate to the American Lung Association by clicking the donation links in my sidebar.)

Painting the entire exterior of our HUGE abode.

Camping...assuming we can squeeze it in!

More school, 'cause we still ain't caught up.


Well, it's time to go pick up GrammaJ. She called and sounds awful, but says she feels up to laundry and shopping...

The, ya know, FUTURE:

Uninterrupted peace and rest with my Lord!


Marianne Arkins said...

Oh, poor GrammyJ!! Black flies are NAH-STEE. I'm sorry.

And, I hear you about school. If we're lucky, we'll be caught up by September. Ick.

Hang in there!

Susan said...

So pleased to hear the garage sale went well and that all of you made some money. Always a nice thing!!!

Damselfly said...

Oh, those flies! Ugh! Poor GrammaJ.

Have you seen that e-mail making it way around about how people should spend their tax rebates at yard sales because they're the only true American businesses left, and that will stimulate the economy? ;)

And, uh, good luck with that Leviticus thing.

Dawn said...

I keep hearing about the black fly thing in Maine this time of year. Remind me to come earlier or later when we visit!!

I can't remember - is GrammaJ your mom or his? Sounds like fun times at your house - grammies with one hand, painting, black flies. But I needed to know that I'm not the only one with problems today! Thanks --