26 April 2008

Sore Muscles and a Satisfied Smile (and a Heads-Up for a Giveaway)

The garden calls
Sun beaming cheerfully
Birds twittering rougishly
Breeze wafting playfully

I'll only go out for an hour
Just an hour
To clear some of the weeds from the front garden

But the soil sings to me
The rocks charm me
The insects fascinate me
Worms tickle me

There's a bee!
Oh, the mini roses are budding!
Joy in a microcosm of dirt and sweat

The lilacs need a trim
I curse the dandelions
Lovingly prop the peonies
Haul rocks - BIG rocks - and place them
in just the right spot
I'm an artist and the earth is my canvas

The kids start calling
hunting for me
We thought you said you'd be in the front garden
I'm in the back
We're hungry!
I've forgotten the time

One hour stretched to almost four
Duties forgotten in the pleasure of the soil
The call of the garden
Goodness, I'll be sore tomorrow!


Hey Ho, Internetty Friend 'O Mine!

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anno said...

Groovy, you are an inspiration! Today, perhaps, you can sip iced tea and just enjoy those roses and tulips... great poem!

Susan said...

Love your poem. How multi-talented you are!! Now going to visit and tell!!!!

Keetha Broyles said...

As life would have it - - - - I am your polar opposite when it comes to gardening. I wouldn't even last the HOUR.

Marianne Arkins said...

This is such a lovely time of year for discoveries in the garden! I'm glad you enjoyed your adventure.

Tammy said...

Such talent! I love your poem!

And it reminded me of yesterday...the girls and I spent a good part of the day gardening and it was an exceptionally nice day after weeks of rain and cold. Even the huge beetle I found fascinated me, when usually I'm totally grossed out by insects in general...just so glad it was finally feeling like spring! :)

Unknown said...

Honey, did you write the poem? It was so me!! I am easily distracted and am so very often accused of forgetting the time! Good job kiddo. I'm glad you got to enjoy yourself outdoors for a few hours.