14 March 2008

I Would Like to Call This My Post Influenza Post, But That Would be a Lie

That's right. The Groovy household is STILL compromised.


I am more or less over it, but am still quite short on stamina.

Mulletman is coughing horribly and has a continual sinus headache. He's missed an unheard of 4 days of work thus far!

Silly-Head was desperately ill, but is rallying now. Rallying means she eats saltines and smiles between naps.

Girly-Girl is faring the best with mild symptoms. She's been remarkably patient with her lackluster family!

Poor GrammaJ has had to have her move to her new home postponed twice now because we've been too sick to move her.

Poor Grampy fell last night in the bathroom and had to make a trip to the hospital for badly bruised ribs and cuts on his face. He's sore, but fine and is already back at home.

Uncle Johnny aka GrumpyMan (Grammy's brother) has surgery today for a longterm infection in his foot.

Yep, it's been all fun and games here.

Thus far, we've had to cancel a music audition, Mom's move (twice), an orthodontia evaluation, and a couples' weekend get-away (which we may have lost our deposit on).

Supposedly we're moving GrammaJ next Wednesday now, the audition is on some nebullous day next week and we're supposed to sing a special on Good Friday at Church.

If we're better.


Hope your March is going better than ours!


Marianne Arkins said...

Geez... I'm glad all I've been is depressed, LOL. We're remarkably healthy here thus far (knock wood).

Sending you healing vibes and prayers. Poor Groovy's family.

Susan said...

Sorry for all the bad stuff. This too shall pass!!!!

Dawn said...

Oh, you poor thing! I am so sorry the germs are hanging around so long!

Tammy said...

Oh, Groovy...so sorry that your whole family has been so sick! I remember how bad that flu got me last month! How my family escaped it, I'm not sure!
Hope to worst is over and that the last half of March is much better!

Anonymous said...

You poor things. I have an ear infection right now and it is killing me. Hope we all get better soon!

anno said...

I would send you all great hugs if I weren't afraid of getting something disgusting on your sleeve. I hope you are all feeling better. Good luck catching up with your backlog of things to reschedule!

(Sorry to be late with my comment. In my fever-deranged state, I keep forgetting what I've commented on and what I merely think I've commented on.)