28 February 2008

Rrrrrrr Reminds Me of...

Silly-Head: You know, whenever I hear about Rhode Island I think of that witch.

Groovy Mom: Huh? Which witch?

Silly-Head: That one in Narnia.

Groovy Mom: Ok...um, and why is that?

Silly-Head: Because she says, "This is the R-r-r-r-r-ruined city" and Rhode Island and Ruined City both start with R.

Groovy Mom: Of course.


Well, I never did get to assemble the file cabinet (though I'll go on and let Angry think I did assemble the fridge). I have this habit of starting things and not finishing them right off. So I laid out all the pieces and started putting the sides together and...well...got distracted.

Distraction Happens.

Fortunately, I am married to Let's-get-this-DONE Mulletman. Yesterday I went downstairs to put some recycling in the bins and found him sitting on the floor pushing the finished drawers into the completed cabinet.

Three cheers for Mulletman!

I STILL love my fridge. However, Mulletman is not as crazy about it. This is because he is tall and cannot see what is on any of the shelves.

Apparently the food items have opinions too. There's plenty of room for everyone inside to have their space; You'd think they'd be satisfied, but No-oo.

Yesterday there was blood. It seems the dill pickles and the maraschino cherries had a squabble when I wasn't looking. Suddenly there were rivulets of disgusting, red, stickiness oozing under the door of the fridge and pooling on the floor. The cherries lost, a fact attested to by the shards of broken glass on the new shelf.

We will now observe a moment of silence in honor of our dear, departed cherries.

The pickles tried to look innocent, but I know better. They're a bunch of sour pusses and can't be expected to behave properly. I punished them by placing them on the bottom door shelf next to the plastic bottles where they can't hurt anyone else.

I spent the rest of the morning mopping up cherry blood!

Well, my asthma has been particularly bad the past few days. This is a reminder to me to remind you to DONATE TO MY AND/OR MULLETMAN'S TREK ACROSS MAINE FUND FOR THE ALAME. (See my sidebar!)

Thank you!


Susan said...

War between the cherries and the pickles!!!! Can we just have some peace?!!!!!! :o)

Corn Dog said...

Sorry to hear about the asthma. Hope you're better soon.

Dawn said...

Okay, I am seriously behind! Your new fridge looks just like mine - I wanted to glass shelves so things wouldn't drip down to the bottom, but now the shelves are just really not clean all the time!

LOVE the picture of the stressed little hamster. I think that is how the teeny tiny twins feel when the big girls are just kissing them all the time!

Karen said...

when Most Minor Minion was just a little thing, we were in the car approaching rail road tracks, when he suddenly sat up and shouted, "Look, Mom! A pirate sign!"
"What pirate sign?"
"That one! The one that says R,R. You know, as in Arrh Arrh, The Pirate!"

I didn't have the heart to tell him the RR was the RailRoad crossing sign. Plus I was just laughing too darn hard.

Angry said...

Okay so you didn’t assemble the fridge, what was I thinking? I guess it’s because you are such an accomplished young lady that I got carried away.

We had a new church open in our area a few years ago and on the notice board they posted the announcement of its arrival with “Brand New Church...”, if I had access to the lettering I would’ve added “Assembly Required.”

Good luck with the Trek prep.

Anonymous said...

Oh why can't the cherries and the pickles just get along? Sheesh!

JLynnPro said...

I hear you about starting things but not finishing them. I'm the queen...er? Dutchess? Of that! :P