22 February 2008

Brain Drivel

Greetings, O Patient Ones! I have returned.

I think.

Even as I type this I am twitching because my free Saturday is only half free.

Remember how I was filling in as a sub for one of the janitors at our church? She was supposed to be back to work this week, but Monday she slipped on the treacherous ice and fell right on the incision from her carpal tunnel surgery, so I was on for one more week.

I never want to see a public toilet again - at least not to CLEAN it.

I was going to clean the youth building on Friday so as to all of my Saturday free, but it was not possible. All the teens spent Friday night there for a part of their 30 Hour Famine and aren't planning to clear out of the building until 1pm. That's when my mom and I will swoop in to scrub and polish and mop and vacuum and restock and play ping-pong.

I have actually enjoyed my stint as church janitor in some ways, but more than anything I have been reminded how very blessed I am to be able to NOT work. I love being a SAHM. I do NOT love working outside my home.

Not even for money.

I get a new fridge Tuesday. Whoo-Hoo!!!!! The old one is a 1999 Frigidaire and it is unequivocally the worst loser of a fridge I've ever had the misfortune to rot food in. I will do the dance of joy when it is gone!!!

I always do our taxes myself and we have already received both our Federal and State tax returns while most of you have not even filed yet. Bwa-hah-hah-hah!

My Mom is next in line to move into Senior Housing. This is a wonderful thing because the apartment she is currently in is less than stellar (to put it mildly). This is stressful because it means ANOTHER move! Of course it won't be anywhere near as difficult as the last one. I hope.

I just bought a Diva Cup. (not that you really wanted to know that.) I'm sick of spending good money on paper "products" that just end up in the landfill. So there.

Other than my asthma (which is comparatively mild) none of us have been sick all winter long. (so far...yet) Praise the Lord!

Tis snowing
and blowing
cold and wintry

I long for Spring!
with robins
and flowers
and bike rides (mud splayed up my back!)

For now I have to settle
for more daylight and
occasional days of melting,
dripping eaves and
teasing warm winds
Followed by a deep freeze

O for some Maine-al Warming!

Just this morning I figured out how to PERMANENTLY make the font bigger on all my internet browser screens. O my happy (old and not so groovy) eyeballs!

Oh look, ANOTHER MEME! However, this one is very cool. It was designed by my dear internetty friend Heather (who is not Hannah). It's called:

Look at This Stuff. Isn't it Neat?

Here's the low-down according to Heather:

The "Look At This Stuff. Isn't It Neat?" Meme rules:

Find five things around your house that say something about the person you are and snap a picture of them.

Tell us about them.

Link back to me in your post so I can be all nosy.

Tag five (or more...or less...I'm easy like Sunday morning, my loves) folks via their comments and tell us who you tagged.

OK. It was hard to limit it to five, but here we go:

First I present you with my Bible. it says everything we need to know about God and His plan for mankind and frankly, it says quite a bit about moi as well.

In addition to the the obvious (I'm a sinner in need of a Savior), it also reveals many of my defining characteristics. First of all I am a visual learner. See all those colors? They tell you that I need things to be marked and underscored and highlighted and annotated in order to remember it. Couple that with my Biblical version of choice - New American Standard - and you will discern that I am a stickler for accuracy (the NAS is one of the more literal translations) and that I am one who likes to really dig in and study my Bible as opposed to just reading it.

I despise paraphrases and "modern" versions. To my mind they are nothing more than pap.

Aha, what could this be? Why it's my wonderful iMac on a lovely rolltop desk. And gee, what's that on the computer screen? Ooooohhhhh. It's Groovy's Ruminations!

I am a Mac lover and proud of it. See that monitor? That's my whole, entire, complete computer. No cumbersome towers, no monster size monitor that takes up all your desk space, just sweet, glorious, virus proof simplicity - and my iMac weighs less than most laptops!

Then there's the whole blogging thing. Groovy really digs blogging when she's not scrubbing church toilets!

Blue Phrogs: I collect 'em. You can read more about that and see more pics HERE.

I am a musician. I play percussion, sing, and play my Fender shortscale Mustang Bass. it's the perfect guitar for gals with little hands!

Then of course, Groovy loves to cook. I've been making wedding and party cakes for about a million years or so. I love to host big dinner parties and do oodles of baking and experiments in my great big, monstrously huge kitchen. It truly is a dream kitchen, in spite of its lack of state of the art equipment. I am very thankful to have it. The only thing I'm not crazy about is having to clean the floor!

Alrighty. Here's the place where I'm s'posed to tag five people. But folks, I'm too tired to run today, especially considering all that work I have to do this afternoon, so you all take this meme and run with it, K? I won't be able to catch anyone until my asthma simmers down and the snow melts a bit so I can ride my bike.

Speaking of bikes (I'da posted a pic of mine for the meme, but that woulda broke the rules because it would have been SIX pics) and asthma, Mulletman and I are in training to ride in the Trek Across Maine this June. We're raising money for the American Lung Association of Maine.

I'll be making a more extensive post on the subject Monday or Tuesday (God willing), but if you want to get a headstart on sending in your support or learning more about the Trek, you can find some great links in my sidebar.


anno said...

Good to hear from you again -- and I love the meme! I never knew there was a grown-up guitar for people with small hands...

Hope you're feeling better and seeing signs of spring SOON!

notcon4med said...

That was fun! It was good to see pics of the groovy house and my friends, the blue phrogs...almost as good as being there. I'm quite intrigued by the Diva Cup...

Susan said...

Fun, fun post Groovy!!! I loved seeing all the pictures and learning more about you. I am a King James person for basic study and my memory work but I love all the other translations, too. Even The Message. Can we agree to disagree on that one? My son has an IMac and loves it. Your desk and kitchen are beautiful. You are an amazing gal and I'm glad to call you a bloggy friend!!!!

Tammy said...

Wow, I learned so much about you here Groovy! This was fun!
I never knew you were so musical...and well...groovy! :D

Love your poem, too! Well done!

I know you won't mind (too much!) if I say we have unusual sunny skies and temps reaching 60 today...because Oregon is not exactly called "The Sunshine State"! LOL

I'm with you...am so glad I don't need to work outside the home (although our budget sometimes is as tight as a drum!)
I so enjoy being a SAHM and teaching at home!

Oh, and I love the contrast of your iMac on the old-fashioned, beautiful desk!

Have a great rest of the weekend, Groovy!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Fun post! i know how you fell about the toilets. i have done a lot of cleaning in my life. least favorite was an 8 hour a night job cleaning bathrooms! GAG!

Corn Dog said...

Great meme and GREAT kitchen. It is as big as my whole house. I love the blue frogs too. Cute wonderful picture.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the good catch-up post. I have thankfully neer had to clean toilets for a living! And I loved behing a SAHM. But I have been blessed with a job I have truly enjoyed, once I did have to go back to work.

I have never heard of a Diva Cup, but when I clicked over there and read about it, it made me thankful for menopause!

What a great big kitchen you have. Mine was designed by a man, for sure. Pathetic! DC will be starting on Social Security plus his job at the end of the month, so we'll start spiffing up our house - all 4 major appliances are definitely due for the landfill (or wherever such things go to die).

DC did our taxes today (much late than usual) and found that, for the first time in our lives, we have to pay. Not much, but I LOVE getting refunds. Oh, well.

Karen Putz said...

That mac looks nice! And the desk--ohhh sooo clean!

Anonymous said...

Love your kitchen, love your bass, love your phroggies. More than anything, I love how you seem so content with your life. It's uplifting.

Not Hannah said...

Groovums, thanks for that. I loved getting a peek into your world. I agree with Selma: it seems to bring you so much joy and satisfaction.

BTW: remember there's a learning curve with the Diva. It took me about a cycle and a half (??) to get it figured out (and now, we're BFFF, my Diva Cup and I.) Email me (I'm putting a link up as we shpeak) if you need any...um...tips.

Angry said...

Thanks Groovy this post has answered some questions for me, even one I didn't know I had, you Diva. (In the original sense of the word of course.)

Anonymous said...

What fun to look into your windows and see what Groovy's up to!

One of my favorite bibles is a parallel version of the NASB with The Message right beside it. Gives me clarity.

Love your kitchen. Wish I liked to cook.

Would love to hear you play your guitar while I sit in your kitchen eating up your cakes.

Hope your asthma gets better soon. Surprised you didn't put up a photo of your humidifier!

JLynnPro said...

Wow! Thanks for that post! From those pics, your home looks lovely and comfy! What a fun meme. I don't have a lot of time, or I'd do one. :)

I switched to cloth a few months ago, myself. I love them! I read up on the other types, but the Diva Cup kind of icked me out a little. To each her own! At least we are trying to be green!

Your writing is delightful!