08 January 2008

When Bored, the Groovy Clan Get a Little Weird

The girls and I donned our Aussie flag tatoos today (Thank you, Selma!). Living in Maine is lovely, of course, but deep down inside I think everyone wants to be Australian! I fully intended to put mine on my forehead, but I forgot to take the plastic off it and then I tore it and water was dripping all down my face and Silly-Head was laughing at me and - somebody play some violin music here, will ya?


I heard the phone ring earlier, but no one left a message - or so I thought. Then I realized that I had turned the volume all the way down and missed a call from my adorable Mulletman. He left a message for the girls and I:

It seems that you are not there.

Which leaves me in despair.

Oh yes, I do very much care.

Um...and I think I'll comb my hair.

OH! Oh my goodness, a bear!

Yes, creative writing runs in the family.


I signed up to be a Huckabee Ranger. :-) If you donate through my button in the sidebar, I get credit for it. I'm not sure what I get to DO with my credit - maybe have lunch at the White House or something - or maybe meet Chuck Norris - or perhaps get an all expenses paid tour of Hope, Arkansas. So go give a buck for Huck so I can win whatever it is. Thanks.


Right now King Edmund and Queen Lucy are playing in the basement together. It's very entertaining to listen to their really bad British accents. Wonder where they picked THOSE up?

Girly-Girl always makes Silly-Head play the boy parts. She looks so manly in her pink capris.


I'm still selling the brand new Little House on the Prairie videos for $35 per season, shipping included (U.S. only, please). I have seasons 1,2, and 3 - never opened.


Unknown said...

Oh Groovy, I hadn't realized you had fallen! So sorry hon. Hope the soreness is leaving you now.

The remark of your daughter looking so manly in her pink capris cracked me up! I needed that!

Your MM is almost as gifted as I in poetry! LOL

Hey, I wouldn't mind meeting Chuck or Huck, either one would thrill me!!

Memarie Lane said...

O.o I think I must go put on all those tattoos we got at Hot Dog on a Stick the other day.

Angry said...

Aaaww, this made me feel homesick... then I realised I was home. I'm guessing Selma's an Aussie; I must go visit her soon.

Not EVERYONE wants to be Australian just ask any New Zealander, sure they move here in droves but they don't want to be Aussies.

I was at a meeting with a large Aussie mining company and they had a young lady from the US working there and in the conversation I had with her about how she was settling in, she said that she has told all her family and friends to move over here as soon as possible, I took it to mean that she was homesick but then she added “...because it's the US without all the problems".

And you failed in your efforts to put a child's tattoo transfer on your forehead... with that fact and your recent comments on my blog, I'm beginning to understand how it is that you fell off the ladder.

groovyoldlady said...

Well Angry, If I was in Australia, I'm sure I wouldn't fall off of anything - and I'd be able to buy MORE tatoos. Of course, the ones Selma sent us were made in China. A fact we found most amusing!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You funny and me loves it! LOL!
Oh and you want one of my funny family poems? it is from my dad. No idea where he came up with it.
Oh I think that I shall never see,
An elephant up a sycamore tree.
For if I see an elephant up a sycamore tree,
There is something very wrong with me!

Anonymous said...

Those tattoos came out great! I always seem to mess mine up.

An Island Life

Anonymous said...

I laughed about the fact they were made in China too. Still, the girls look very TRUE BLUE with those flags. I am sooooo proud. The next level of their Aussie initiation is to eat Vegemite. I'm sure they'll love it. LOL!

Lori said...

It seems like you have lots of fun at your house.

Very cute poem from your hubby.


Angry said...

...and then, Selma, it's on to Iced Vo Vos and Pavalovas.
(But after trying Vegemite they may want to give up eating for a while.) Perhaps the Ute might be the way to go.

Diane Viere said...

What a fun thing to do! As for the violin music....don't have any strings...but do have a fabulous song by Donny Osmond playing on my blog---This is the Moment! It would be perfect for your tattoos. Hmmmmm.....Donny Osmond and tattoos in the same sentence! Who would-a-thought!

I love your Mike H. button....'cause its fun to say!' Indeed! I have been watching the Primaries and listening to the debates....and have not made up my mind yet. Can I donate even if I'm undecided????? Would I still get invited to the White House? I'm sure once I was there...my mind would be made up!

Does the FBI monitor these comments? Tattoos and attempts at bribery...all in the same comment. Geesh...it's a good day for me!


Tammy said...

What a fun post, Groovy...
Love the tattoos...I remember we sort of studied Australia awhile back, and now I wish we would have all donned tattoos!
Did your husband really leave that rhyming message? What a fun guy you have there...wish mine would leave me phone message poem! :)
Have a great rest of the week, Groovy!

Carole Burant said...

You mean to tell me I went through the pain of getting a real tattoo and I could have just had one by wetting one on??? lol The girls look adorable with their Australian tattoos:-)

Ummmm...great poet your hubby is there...I think! hehe It made me giggle anyway! lol

Oh dear, I do hope you've recovered from your fall off the ladder. Don't you know you're not supposed to fall off these things??? Makes me feel better though...now I know I'm not the only one who does things like that! lol xoxo

Dawn said...

I am so far behind in my visiting - having two more grandchildren is very time consuming!

I love Mulletman's poem!

I'm so sorry you took a tumble. It has not been a good few months for your body, has it??