02 December 2007

Red Sky at Morning, Sailor Take Warning

*****Pretend that there is a beautiful picture of a glowing, red sunrise here. I took one yesterday, but Blogger freezes up everytime I try to load it.*****

Good thing I'm not a sailor!

Of course the big storm of the century has begun here.

*****Pretend that there is a beautiful picture of a snowstorm here. I took one an hour ago, but Blogger freezes up everytime I try to load it.*****

Mulletman is at work and will probably spend the night there to stay safe. This means gimpy Groovy will be snowblowing and shoveling this afternoon.

Oh. The. Joy.

*****Pretend that there is a pitiful picture of a Groovy with a snow shovel and ankle brace here. I took one moments ago, but Blogger freezes up everytime I try to load it.*****


Tammy said...

Oh, wow...those pictures (in my imagination) are just great...I'm feeling so cold just looking (in my imagination) at them. teehee

Hope you can post them soon, Groovy!

Stay warm! (I just posted about our current rain and wind storm- it's still going strong this morning!)

Damselfly said...

Aw, I feel so bad for you!

Dawn said...

Oh, that bad bad blogger! I'd love to see the pictures. We had a fabulous sunrise this morning and I didn't have my camera.

I heard about your storm on the news - I hope Mulletman gets home safely!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Wow! Those are some pictures! Want me to kick blogger for you?

Anonymous said...

I have a very vivid picture of you brandishing your shovel in the middle of a snowstorm. You look like a Celtic warrior princess!

groovyoldlady said...

I love you, Selma. ;-)

Do Celtic warrior princesses wear snowmobile suits and LLBean boots? Oh and the wind is a-whipping, so this princess will also be sporting some very groovy yellow lensed goggles.

Dawn said...

I hope once Blogger starts behaving for you that you'll post a picture of that set and tel that story. It's awesome.

Diane Viere said...


I could leave it at that.....

"Oh the nerve..."


**)(#&%&#)@I#!~ "That's Minnesotan for (*(E#*(%Y#)(U#!!!!!

I hate when Blogger freezes....and I so want to see your BEAUTIFUL photos!

Glad you're inside safe and warm.....and your sense of humor did not freeze with Blogger...or the outside temps!

Have I mentioned.....you CRACK me up! ;)