07 October 2007

O Happy Day

Well, the response to my travails has been rather enlightening. In both the comments and in emails (I"d like to leave you with the impression that I got dozens of emails, but the truth is I got ONE email. If I leave you with the wrong impression that would be the same as lying and I just can't deal with any more guilt just now) I have had people, apparently laughing quite uncontrollably about my no-good, horrible, very bad day. Heck, Pam was even ROLLING ON THE FLOOR.

I hope she didn't hurt herself!

And now, for your entertainment in the center ring, Groovy will burn her hand on the stove, trip down the stairs and, as a thrilling finale, she will sing rousing praise songs (with mayonaise on her head) while she mops up the flood in the basement - right after she she calls the insurance company for an estimate on the car repairs.

OK, so none of that REALLY happened (yet - except for the mayonaise. This week I've had chemical shampoo, dandruff shampoo, vinegar, mayonaise, listerine and a hat all on my head at varying times), but I'll bet YOU WERE LAUGHING.

Edit (The ONLY edit for this post)

Hey! Marianne just told me that I won a book. A romance with kissy smoochy stuff and all that. Isn't that awesome????? Thank you, Marianne!!!

I'd also like to mention that my hubby brought me flowers last night when he came home from work 'cause he's the sweetest guy in the whole world (and because he's afraid that chocolate will make me waddle).

Lastly: Right now the girls are in the basement with scarves tied around their bare chests as "bras" while they are singing "Our God is an Awesome God" at the very top of their voices. And no, they don't sing into hairbrushes; They attach plastic play spoons to headbands and call them headsets. We Groovies are high-tech, ya know.


Marianne Arkins said...

Will it make you feel any better if I tell you that you won my Buy A Friend a Book Week contest?


Go look.

I'm not joking.

Pinky swear.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

And will it make you feel better if I tell you i gave you an award? go check it out! Wuvs ya!