06 October 2007

I Need Your Help

OK...So it's me and my Mom and two neurotic, indoor cats in a moving van. WHAT do we do with the cats?

It's going to be about 22-24 hours of driving with a hotel break in the middle.

I'd feel best if the cats could be up front with us -sunshine and fresh air and human company and all that.

BUT I sincerely doubt their carriers and litter pan will fit up there with us and our cooler.

I hate to put them in the back -dark, lonely, limited air circulation, kinda like hell on wheels and no way to explain it to them.

Any ideas????


I just talked to my mom. She's madder than a wet hen that we didn't consult her before changing the plans because she doesn't see any way that the cats can be safely/happily transported in the truck. Frankly, neither do I.

She'd rather drive the van herself behind me as I drive the truck which means I'd need to change Ken's ticket again and that'll cost big bucks and I'm a wreck right now and I have lysterine on my head and a knot in my stomach.

She's absolutely correct; We SHOULD have consulted her before we changed all our plans, especially since said plans involve HER. Here we are (Mm and I), two grown mature adults who are absolute idiots at times. Idiots!

Hoo Boy!

She's busy praying and cooling off and I'm hustling trying to see what it would cost to change Mulletman's ticket yet again. Maybe we could use a tow dolly and pull the van behind the truck and switch Mm's flight (again) to Portland AND it will all be cheaper than paying for long-term parking at the airport.

Then again, maybe not! Aaaaack!

Stupid,stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID!

(That sound you hear is Groovy banging her lousy head on a wall -over and over and over again.)


Silly-Head: Mom, what's green and has ears?

Groovy: I dunno, what?

Silly-Head: PANTS!

Um, yeah, well of course...

Updating Again

OK...we've made up and she's not angry now. She cried and apologized for losing her temper; I cried and apologized for being an idiot, a heel, and/or a thoughtless jerk, so we're all good relationally now.

However, she has put her foot down. Mm will NOT fly to Charlotte and then drive her van. The cats WILL ride in the van and she will drive it behind me as I drive the truck all alone. She will NOT get a tow dolly for the car becasue the weather down south is still in the 90'sF and the cats need the air conditioner.

So now I need to change MM's flight AGAIN, of wait, it'll be cheaper to just book a new flight for him from Charlotte to Portland. He'll just have to sleep in the airport for 5+ hours. Hopefully it's a more comfy airport than LaGuardia.

While I was talking to her I opened the mail and realized that I have overdrawn the bank account TWICE in one month. Folks, I am a very methodical bookkepper; I do not overdraw my accounts.

All this traveling and planning and unplanning and replanning is really messin' with me!

Now I need to eat something. I was too upset to eat earlier and now I'm quite hungry.

Hmmm....Is that an extra large chocolate cake I see? And if I add some half-and-half to this stupid skim milk it'll taste like whole milk...

(I know what you're thinking. I'm just kidding about the cake and the milk. I'll probably have something disgustingly healthy instead. And yes, I will pray. I know He's got all the plans figured out even if I don't!)

The Last Update (on this particular post of craziness)

Well, I completely dismantled and cleaned my computer keyboard. Now it's so clean that it's almost blinding!

It was a mindless activity (and it needed to be done) so it was very relaxing and therapeutic.

And now Mom is thinking about getting a trailer for the car. She is figuring the kitties will probably get enough air. Besides that, she's not "well" and the thought of her driving that whole distance was unhinging both of us. This is a good development.

Mulletman took the news well and has decided to move to Charlotte permanantly. JUST KIDDING!!!! (about the Charlotte part...)

Hmmm. I think I put some of these keys back in the wrong spot...


Marianne Arkins said...

When I drove cross country with three cats, they sat up front with me in their carriers. When we stopped, I opened 'em up and let them run around in the front with their litter boxes, food and water on the floor while I stretched my legs.

They don't need access to a potty, food & water at all times. Trust me when I say they'll spend most of the time sleeping. In fact, mine never used their boxes or ate until we stopped overnight at a motel.

Does that help?

Good luck!

groovyoldlady said...

The carriers won't fit in the cab of the truck, so that won't work.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I sorry, no big ideas coming from my end. Brain is toast today! LOL! Would a hug help? Got lots of those. Ha, ha on the little joke! Pants, where in the world did she come up with pants?

Carole Burant said...

Ummmm...all I can say is "rather you than me"!! lol I know, smack me! hehe Oh dear, I've just caught up on your last two posts and I can see why you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown! I wish I had a magical solution to give you but I don't...unless you accidently "lose" the cats?? lol Figures, doesn't it that Scout needs MM at the same time you do!! Did you look into how much it would cost for a moving company to go over to your mom's, pack up everything for her and head your way...and you just driving her van back with her and the cats? I know, probably would cost a fortune! Sigh. As for the lice, I do hope you win the battle! xox

Dawn said...

Yikes. I just caught up on the last 3 days and I'm exhausted!! Best wishes!!

notcon4med said...

Personally, the way we moved our 5 cats was a breeze. We boarded them at the vet the day before we moved and had friends pick them up and take them to the airport. At that time (2001) it cost 50.00 per cat. There would also be the boarding fee and she would probably pay the person who transports the cats somthing. It would probably cost her two to three hundred dollars when all was said and done. That may be more than she can afford, and she may not like the idea of putting the kitties on a plane, but it worked fine for us and the cats (3 of the 5 being not the most easy going and quite prone to fear reactions) were truly not stressed and seemed unfazed by the whole thing. The more we thought about all the real and potential problems of transporting cats over two very long days in the car, we decided it was money well spent and probably easier on the cats too. Just something to consider. But you need to contact the airlines asap and find out if they are taking pets because sometimes they don't (heat, cold, heightened alert status, etc...). If she wants to do it and has no one to transport the cats, I'll see if I can. Would it be to Charlotte or GSP?

Unknown said...

ROFLOL! You are so hilariously entertaining!

I'm praying you all get it all worked out! I know God knows the ending already!

Lori said...

As always, your posts always bring a smile to my face or make me LOL!

I don't own a cat so I can't help you at all.