25 September 2007

More About Moi Than You Ever Really Wanted to Know

Heather, who is not Hannah, who writes about bra cheese and asperger's syndrome (Now you're intrigued, aren't you?) tagged me while I was gone (she has very loooong arms!) to reveal eight random facts about myself. Heather, this for you, dear!

1. I am a compulsive stove cleaner. In fact, I probably have the cleanest stove and oven on the face of the earth. I clean the burners, the pans under the burners, the surface underneath all that. I keep the knobs wiped down and dust the tippy top. I polish the door and handles and yes, my oven is clean. I even wipe out the drawer in the bottom. I do NOT use the self-cleaning mode, ever.

I usually do all this compulsive cleaning while talking on the phone to my mother.

Draw your own psychological conclusions...

2. I HATE talking on the phone. I have an answering machine and screen all my calls. I would rather email a 100 people than talk to 10 on the telephone. I get the shivers just thinking about it!

3. Though I pretend to be a world class procrastinator, it's all a farce. The truth is that I am fairly well organized and have (most of the time) mastered the art of not overbooking and have plenty of discretionary time to waste use for the pursuit of my hobbies and passions.

4. My hobbies and passions include Bible study, blogging (duh!), cooking (and reading/collecting new recipes), baking, reading, writing, biking, telling dramatic stories, making people laugh, crafty stuff, hoomeschooling, acting, singing, Worship, and helping other women and children grow closer to God. I will be writing more about these passions later when I take up another "tagging" event that requires more thought.

5. Though I am outgoing and gregarious in crowds, I am also a person who needs ample time to withdraw and be alone. If I don't get that time I get VERY cranky and tense. This is why going to large women's conferences does not appeal to me. I much prefer a smaller retreat venue where I can socialize and then isolate to rest and process.

6. My spiritual gifts are teaching and service.

7. I keep trying to like fish because it's so darned good for me, but I only like mild white fish and I only like it deep fried, so what's the point?

8. I don't like this new "self checkout" mentality that is sweeping the shopping industry. If you are going to make ME do the work, then I should get some sort of discount. If the price is going to be the same I'd just as soon have Susy Q. the employee do all that ringing up and bagging, thank you very much! And while you're at it, yes, I would like someone to carry those bags out for me!


anno said...

I hate talking on the phone, too.

Under spiritual gifts, you didn't mention "being a joy to read." You are.

And I'm always glad to see your comments when you stop by.

Damselfly said...

Like #5, I need alone time too. Time to recharge.

And when I read #7, I at first thought it said you keep trying to fish because it's good for you, hee hee! Who knows, maybe it is!

Anonymous said...

Groovy, you sound like someone with whom it would be fun to hang out with. I always suspected you weren't as much of a procrastinator as you let on. And your blog is always fun to read!

Carole Burant said...

Hi Groovy:-) I'm finally catching up with you...that's all I seem to be doing lately, catching up with everyone! lol I enjoyed learning more about you...I don't think I've ever met a compulsive stove/oven cleaner. hehe I'm glad your trip turned out, even after a few hiccups, and congratulations to your son on his graduating into the army!! I can imagine how proud you are for him but it's also normal to feel scared for him! He truly is a handsome young man:-) xox

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I have an dirty oven that you'll just love! Come over anytime!

Not Hannah said...

I cannot even CONCEPTUALIZE of cleaning out the drawer. Even though I know it is nasty. I just discovered that you're supposed to put FOOD down there to keep it warm, and the idea of doing that made me gag.

Love the pink...running over to check out the vacuum cleaner.