11 August 2007

Denial of Refund Notice # 0709006070807

"Your Property Tax and Rent Refund application has been denied for the following reason:

Your allowable refund is less than $10.00. Refunds of less than $10.00 cannot be paid."

Well, thank You, State of Maine! I hope you'll find a worthy use for MY $9.53!!!!


Susan said...

Wonder how much of that $9.53 they used in writing the letter, mailing the letter to tell you that?

Karen said...

That's like the time when I was a single mother, living below poverty level with my part-time job, and being told "you don't make enough money to qualify for federal assistance."


Damselfly said...

Wha...? If you offered to give them the difference, then would they give you what you're owed?!

PS The word verification is "econs"!

Corn Dog said...

They can print that statement and mail it to the house but not the check. Sweet. I say write in red crayon on the piece of paper, "I WANT MY MONEY" and send it back to them.

My verification word is ounkv.