10 August 2007

Because You REALLY Want to Know (well, maybe not...)

Oh Good Heavens.

Sorry I haven't been making the rounds to read and say "Yo!", I've been insanely engaged in 15 projects all at once.

So I'm going to give a quick bullet update and catch up with you all when this roller coaster comes to a complete stop.

Right after I throw up.

So, what am I doing that is keeping me spinning so fast that I'm seeing lots of pretty colors and not much else?

- I'm working on a Squidoo project that I promised to have done by TOMORROW!

- I'm helping to host a BBQ for 50 folks this very afternoon at a friend's house/pond. The lady in charge usually organizes fancy tea parties, so a large scale BBQ is stretching and streassing her to no end. Before I leave I need to pack my grill, 2 tables, duct tape, paper, and a sharpie. I have to retrieve my favorite sneakers from the goat farm, make sure the girlies have their swimming apparel and sunscreen, and buy watermelon. The group coming is a youth/missionary group from South Carolina. I will have to carefully watch those southern renegades to make sure they don't toss any soda cans or bottles. I can get 5¢ for each one and I get a little tense when people just THROW THEM AWAY! I will be making "Trash Only" and "Redeem the Cans for the days are Evil signs" for the occasion.

(My recycling/redeeming dna gets touchy sometimes. In case you don't know it, the Groovy family is obnoxiously green! Recycle, Redeem, Reduce, Reuse, and all that!)

-Tomorrow will be the mad house cleaning binge because a dear, sweet 70 year-old missionary from Camaroon, Dorothy Erickson, will be arriving for dinner and spending the night. I'll tell you more about her next week (maybe...God Willing!) Happily, Mulletman and the girls did all the dusting yesterday AND Mm already made the guest bed and spiffied up that room, so I only need to vacuum, mop, and scrub, and fix a nice, but light supper - I'm thinking quiche and salad - to refresh her after her 7 hour drive. I guess I'd better inform Mr. Hoover of the upcoming workload. He's getting old and acts a bit cranky if I don't give him time to warm up. Mr. Hoover is such a character that my muse is plotting a facinating (I promise!) blog entry in his honor.

-Sunday we'll be up early with Dorothy and heading to first service (8:30am) where we'll get to hear from her AND then from our own youth group seniors who went to Mexico a few weeks ago.

-Right after first service we'll book it on home to change into goating gear and head to the Skowhegan Fair where we will dress poor, unsuspecting Emma and Midnight in hula skirts and leis. Then they and their lovely handlers will march in the 4-H parade. Yes, there will be pictures!

-Later in the day is the actual goat show. Which brings up the fact that Girly-Girl and I have some project records to work on and maneuvers to practice and goat body parts to review...sometime... This is also the one fair where we told them they could ride one or two rides if they so desire since we'll have our SC friends (Notcon4med and her two lovely teen daughters) with us. Oooooo. I hope they have caramel apples! (The fair, not my friends, although my friends are welcome to have caramel apples if they so desire!)

-Notcon4med and Co. will come home with us and THEY will take over the guest room (and the music room - which needs to be cleaned and vacuumed too...I am making a note of that right now! And air matresses...Where are the air matresses!?) for a few days while they debrief a bit from all their ministry work in Southern Maine and visit old friends and hang with us Groovies and we all eat alot and talk more and mess with her new Macintosh and various other fun activities yet to be determined.

- A generous friend just gave us a wonderful bag of hand-me-downs for the girlies. This means that we need to go through their old clothes and clean out the drawers and wardrobe to make room for the new goodies. That's assuming I can get them to stop changing clothes every ten minutes and leaving little "outfit" piles all over their room. That's assuming ALOT!

-Wednesday Mm and I have Worship practice in the evening. He's also wanting to work on some music (sometime) to play/sing at the farmer's market on Thursdays...hopefully not on THIS Thursday!

NEWS FLASH: This just in...There also may be a parade on Wednesday and we may or may not enter a firefighting 4-H goat float. Will the fun never end???

-Thursday we'll for sure be hitting the big, exciting, NEVER to be missed New Balance shoe tent sale. I always get two pair of discounted, totally awesome sneakers there every August. Afterwards we'll go back to the Fair Grounds for the much anticipated and trained for Fry Pan Toss which I aim to win. Arr-arr-arr!

-Somewhere in the next 2 weeks I need to completely overhaul Girly-Girl's school portfolio, have a friendly teacher over for tea to review it, AND fill out and mail our "notice of intent" for homeschooling next year.

-The garden needs some serious weeding.

-There's a 60 mile bike ride on August 25 which I will only do if Mm is physically up to it. He's still working his way up to full power after his surgery 4+ weeks ago. In fact he just came BACK HOME after leaving for work because he's sick - nausea and vertigo. Poor guy! So let's add him to the list! (Why do I sense a monkey-wrench in my planned achedule for the day?)

-Still looking over the travel options for Scout's Army graduation in September and for my Mom's possible move to Maine (from SC) in October.

-Looking for jobs and apartments for my Mom also, just in case!

-Trying to work out every day because once or twice a week ain't cutting it.

-Trying to be very faithful in spending time with the Lord every day so I don't lose my mind in the midst of all this STUFF.

-Taking the girlies to various fun functions that DON'T involve goats.

-Making reprints of pics Mm wants framed in the living room.

-Blogging, because we all know that the world would stop spinning if I didn't squeeze that in!

-Mulling over the absolutely insane "true" story about PEA's fairy garden...Oh yes, it IS coming. I have NOT forgotten!

-Ah, and the very fun and cool fair in Blue Hill happens over Labor Day weekend. I sense a camping trip in there somewhere.

There's more i"m sure...I can FEEL it, but now I've got to actually go DO some of it. Hugs to you all! I'm gonna go baby my hubby.

Another News Flash! because I KNOW you wouldn't want to miss even one exciting detail in my groovy life! Mulletman took anap and a walk and feels much improved. Our doctor's office is closed for repaving (go figure...) so he's headed BACK to work to help out AND to get into employee health.

Schedule: back on track. Thank You, Lord!

-Did I mention the state of the homeschooling cupboard and the girls' desks? And they say we don't have tornados in Maine!

-It was good that Mm came home, even if only for a brief time because I would have NEVER gotten the BBQ grill in the van without his help!

-I am high from marker fumes right now. Wheeeeeeee.

-Hoo Boy. Back to Squidoo!

Cleaning Report: Mr. Hoover was quite cantakerous today. Maybe his tummy is upset from all the Polly Pocket shoes he ate...


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I am now worn out just reading your post! thank you very much, LOL! Poor, poor Mr. hoover! He needs some pepto! okay, maybe not a good idea! messy!

Dawn said...

My word! I am totally exhausted!

Tell me what Squidoo means - I see it on your sidebar, but don't know what it is. But, you don't have time. Oops.

Please stop by for a moment and add one more thing to your to-do list - to pray for Kristen - you have to read her latest to understand how crucial this is. She's linked from my site. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Groovy, I would officially like to nominate you as multi-tasker of the year. I admire your energy and enthusiasm. It always cheers me to read your blog. Can't wait to hear how your 1001 activities turn out. Go for it, girl !

Tammy said...

Oh....am I ever feeling dizzy! And if I am, I can only imagine how you're feeling! Hope things calm down a bit soon!

Anonymous said...

Whew! I got tired just reading your to-do list! Good luck with that!

Damselfly said...

Oh my goodness! I want to hear about the missionary, the goat show and the BBQ! (And I read that first line as "ballet update"....)

anno said...

Whoa! Now I need to catch my breath! Good luck with it all, the goats, the girls, and all the groovy great stuff. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!

Unknown said...

Reading this post exhausted me! So glad you are still alive and kicking!

Hula Dancing Goats, huh?