02 July 2007

In the Meantime...

I'm not feeling great. I had (sigh) an allergic reaction to the sun (double sigh) and my face swelled all up and itches, etc.

I also started my period early (ie. unexpectedly), WHILE WE WERE CAMPING, and I'm bloated and grouchy and foggy and weepy and moody and... (triple sigh). Here's a pic of the camp from our tent site. If you look REALLY hard and use a magnifying glass you'll see a building WAY off in the distance. The bathroom is beyond that (quadruple sigh).

The only thing that saved my sanity was the absolutely incredible 4 serving brownie from Heaven that I bought when I was out scavanging feminine supplies.

Yes. I ate the whole brownie by myself.

All of it.

By. my. self.


Get over it.


I'm sure I'll be back to my excessively chipper self quite soon, but in the meantime, here are two new products our family took on our Benedryl laden camping trip. They each received 8 thumbs up for texture, taste, and overall awesomeness.

You'll definitely want to try them - not at the same time, though. Maple syrup and garlic/herb is not a Groovy approved food combo.

By the way, I als have a BAD case of husband-on-vacation. I don't get much 'puter time when the Mulletman is home. For some strange reason he thinks I should be paying attention to him. Go figure!

That reminds me...I need your HELP.

Mulletman is scheduled for surgery on July ninth for a repair job on a failed hernia patch. This means he will have even MORE time off AND he won't be able to lift or do anything strenuous. He is going to DRIVE ME NUTS be bored, Bored, BORED!

This is a man who is either busy or asleep. He has no in-between setting.

I need some "busy work" for him while he's recovering. He'll be able to do suduko and play guitar and fold laundry.

Any ideas for some more productive couch activities I can give him so he won't make me crazy he'll feel like a useful member of the family?



Marianne Arkins said...

I can't believe you now have a blog tag just for menstruation. And gluttony. LOL...

I've tried the pancake mix. It is yummy. My new fave cracker is the Triscuit Fire Roasted Tomato and Olive Oil... tastes like pizza. Yum.

Hope you feel better soon, and that the brownie helped.

Marianne Arkins said...

I can't think of a think for poor MM... my DH is wicked active and must be busy or asleep (or watching "Deadliest Catch"). He drives me nuts when he's bored, so I can sympathize, but not help.

I'll try to get the brain waves going. Good luck!

groovyoldlady said...

quintuple sigh...

Pearls of Wisdom said...

I gave you an award on my site did you see yet my sweet blogging friend. Go check it out I made you a star too...LOL Left you a note on here somewhere that I am sorry will be around more. Hope you are feeling better .


Angel ():)

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Forgot to tell you linked you too so I can visit easier...hahaha and you thought you could shake me..LOL

Hugs and Smiles,

Angel ():)

Corn Dog said...

I just asked Mr. Corn Dog. He plays something every night called Oblivion 4 on a PS 3. Don't ask me what any of this means. It is some game hooked to his TV set. I call the dude in the game "his blue man." If you click on the hyperlink, you can read about it. Warning: some profanity.

Unknown said...

AW honey, so sorry you aren't up to snuff! But I loved your post as usual.

I know what you mean by a bored hubby. Mine is so very active and can also drive me crazy, oops, I meq "Bless his little ol' heart!" if he's shut in too long. I am quite the opposite in that area! Anywho- I'll try to remember to whisper a few prayers for ya'!

Please get better soon!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Just duct tape him to the sofa! LOL! I am kidding! You could let him peel potatoes! LOL! okay, i really am not helping and should behave, but why? So from one survivor of the "landlord from Hell" to another, huggles!

Dawn said...

You are even funny when you're miserable! Glad you bought that brownie - best medicine ever.

I guess there are definite advantages to getting beyond menopause!

I'll have to try those crackers and the pancake mix too. Both sound yummy.

I hope you feel better soon! And that MM survives - not the surgery, but the stay at home with you! Ha!!

Carole Burant said...

You didn't save a piece of brownie for me???? HUH! Well! See if I ever have any sympathy for you again!!! LOL Awwww you poor thing, you haven't been a very happy camper lately have you...I don't blame you with all that going on! As for Mulletman being home bored...well...ummmm...my sympathies to you! hehe xox

groovyoldlady said...

Lesse, duck tape and video games and many non-helpful condolences; Maybe I'LL take a vacation whilst he recovers!

anno said...

I'm sorry to laugh at your suffering, Groovy, but it's all your fault -- great post!

Wish I could help with the Mm. My own has begun working from home, and even with him "busy," it's enough to make me consider an office job!

Karen Putz said...

I need a brownie!!!

No advice on the hubby front. When mine had surgery, I kept finding excuses to go to the store.