01 July 2007

Coming Soooooooon (She Promises While Squinting At The Screen...)

A real post.



I have things to say, and I know you want to read them.

But I have to wait until the Benedryl kicks in...(or perhaps some prednisone.)


Carole Burant said...

How soon???? hehe Oh dear, have you been sick? Hope you feel better reallll soon!! xox

Unknown said...

Prednisone, you say? Is that for your lungs? I have taken it off and on for my RA - and it makes me a little bit moody!! What about you? But hey, I can run and jump and clean out closets all night when I'm on that stuff! Whoopee!

Hope you feel lots better and real soon. I need a funny post to read!

anno said...

The only thing benadryl inspires in me is the desire for a long, long nap. Hope you're feeling livelier soon!

Dawn said...

Benadryl puts one to sleep, so have a nice long nap!! Hope you feel better soon. We miss your wit!

Anonymous said...

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