24 July 2007


I had every intention of writing a witty and facinating blog entry today about the immense satisfaction one feels in KILLING THEIR ENEMIES, but I got sidetracked by:

FREE STUFF that zillions of really nice bloggers are giving away for FREE!! Which I can win without actually paying anything for it!

FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

We only have through Thursday to enter all these contests, so why don't ya'll rush on over HERE and do some entering of your own.

I aim to win me something. WOOOT!

NOTE: Lest you think I am just a selfish goob looking for free stuff for myself, I want you to know that I seriously considered giving something away myself.

That's right.

I was going to offer Pink Goat Udder Art, both shaved AND unshaved. I am just THAT thoughtful and generous!

Unfortunately, the girls cleaned the kitchen and now we are udderless until tomorrow when we go work with the real goats - and I can't give THOSE udders away. Sorry.


Chris said...


You are SO bookmarked, Bloglined and busted it isn't EVEN funny. A kindred spirit...right there below my nostrils!

Thanks for the visit to His Unfinished Work.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You are so funny my sweet friend! thank you for the smile!

groovyoldlady said...

What funny? I'M SERIOUS. I'm ALWAYS serious. You know that Michelle.

And His Singer, I love you, Darlin'!!! We can sing for Him together in the bloggety world.

Of course, they won't be able to hear us...

...unless we PODCAST!

Uh-oh. Look out! Groovy may be coming up with a new hobby!

Carole Burant said...

Oh sure, get me all excited thinking I could have won a Pink Goat Udder Art giveaway from you...and then you let me down. Tsk tsk tsk! hehe xox

Tammy said...

I don't know...shaved...unshaved...it would have been hard to choose...;)

Unknown said...

You are "udderly" delightful Groovy! And I must admit, this was the first time I ever came across the word "goob"!!! Oh wait, as I typed that I realized it could be short for "goober"!

Corn Dog said...

Well, I sure would like to enter a contest to win a pink goat udder - playdoh I assume?