31 May 2007

My Testimony: Part the Second

Well, here's the second half of my testimony. If you haven't read the first half you can find it HERE:


We moved alot when I was growing up and we did not go to church. But it seems that almost everywhere we lived God raised up a friend or neighbor who offered to take me to their church. I didn't go often, but I remember visiting here and there with those kind souls.

In the meantime, my dad left when I was 8 and my mom was thrown into a world of single parenthood. I became a latch-key kid while she worked anywhere from 1-3 jobs to keep us afloat. She joined "Parents Without Partners" and things took a real downhill slide for her in the "man" department. Her boyfriends were basically a long line of losers!

Finally, she settled into a relationship with E.K. He was a REAL creep. He abused her and controlled her and told her if she ever bolted, he'd kill her.

Thanks to his filthy influence, there was porn in our home. Softcore Playgirl, which my mom actually showed me and hardcore stuff hidden in the hall closet. She still doesn't know that I saw those. Nor does she know that my brain will forever bear those images!

Having had so little discipleship, and little moral guidance from my mom - she was still trying to figure that out herself - I slid into some very worldly philosophies and sensuality. When I was 11 years-old, my life goal was to become a Playboy Bunny!

Fortunately, God had other plans!

Eventually, my mom grew so frightened of E.K. that she pulled out a map of the U.S.A. She had me close my eyes and point. My finger landed on Orlando, FL. She and I packed up our clothes and some personal items, bought (rented?) an RV and moved temporarily to Austin, Texas...then to Orlando.

Although my moral moorings were confused and weak, I had a strong confidence that there was a God who heard me when I prayed. I had no Biblical understanding of Who He really was or how I fit into His plans, but in my own way, I trusted Him. He was faithful to not allow me to continue wandering in confusion.

In 7th grade a friend invited me to her church, Calvary Assembly of God in Winter Park, Florida. That's where everything began to change for me.

As I went to the Jr. High "Rock House" meetings with her and then to "adult" church, God began opening my eyes. I began to see that God was more than a helpful friend to bail me out when I was in trouble, He was the Almighty, the Ruler, the King of all Kings. It was time for me to move beyond believing He existed for me to believing that I existed for Him!

I began to read the Bible on my own at home and listen to Christian music (Is WAJL still on the air?). I tried, clumsily, to put into practice the truths I learned at church and in the Rock House. God had begun to change me, to start that lifetime process off making me like Jesus in heart and mind and action.

Though I was far, FAR from the perfect teen, my mom couldn't help noticing the burgeoning metamorphosis. I was wearing more modest clothing, I wasn't as smart-mouthed with her (I had been a pretty bratty only child until then!), I was insisting she get rid of the coffee mugs with our horoscope signs on them, , I insisted that we pray over our meals, I talked about God and church and the Bible and "Did you know...(insert Bible teaching of your choice)?!?"

At first she was scared that I was being brain-washed. I didn't know it until after the fact, but she actually had an appointment for me to meet with a counselor so I could be "deprogrammed". Before that meeting she decided to come to church with me one Sunday and see what was going on for herself.

The first Sunday sucked her right in and within a few weeks, she was even crazier than I was! She asked the Lord to wash away her sins, bought a Bible and started reading it. She quit smoking cold turkey and stopped drinking Wild Turkey. She wanted to be in that church any and every time the doors were open!

We were baptised together a few weeks after she accepted Christ and she immediately put her spiritual gift of evangelism to work by LOUDLY telling EVERYONE in the restaurant after church that God had saved her and taken away her urge to smoke and wasn't that amazing and didn't they all want to come to church and get to know Him too ????!!!!!!!!!!

We'd come full circle and now she was embarassing me!

Over the years, we've both had our stumblings and our hic-cups and our rebellious moments (weeks, months, years), but even when we were faithless, HE remained faithful. He has not allowed either of us to walk away from His Love and Truth.

As the song says, "Although there were times I stepped out of His will, I've NEVER been out of His hands."


Susan said...

Bless you for your testimony, Groovy. God always meets us where we are and where we need Him. He is so faithful and never leaves us or forsakes us.

Carole Burant said...

Well I'm so glad you didn't become a Playboy Bunny after all!! hehe Oh Groovy, I'm so happy that you found your way through God's teachings and it's wonderful that your mom also went that way although in a more vocal way! lol Loved reading this! Have a wonderful weekend my friend:-) xox

Tammy said...

OK...I am completely crying here, Groovy...this second half of your testimony (and your mother's) completely touched me.

Thank you, thank you for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Groovy! God bless you for it.

anno said...

Thanks so much, Groovy -- this was wonderful!

kittyhox said...

Thanks for sharing your story. God is awesome, awesome, awesome!

Bless you!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

All I can say is wow! What a story! My life was by no means wonderful but my goodness you went through a lot too! Must be why we get along so well!

Tammy said...

Groovy, I just linked you...:)

Unknown said...

This line should win some sort of prize!
"She quit smoking cold turkey and stopped drinking Wild Turkey."

Groovy, this touched my heart on a very deep level. What a blessing! I'm also very "hoppy" you didn't become a Playboy Bunny! Can you imagine what your blog would be like if you had!?

Damselfly said...

These two posts are amazing! Thank you for sharing. I have a mental picture of 3-year-old you running down the church aisle, shouting!

How did you get from Fla. to Maine?

Do you think you would have made a good bunny?