25 May 2007

In Which Groovy Pens Poignant Poetry

Well, I must say you folks have certainly taken me to task!

As of 7:07pm Eastern time, here are the assignments you have so graciously (cough, choke, sputter) given me:

-Jokes, facts or trivia about mothers-in-law

-A poem about young man preparing for a prom or other formal affair. (See below)

-3,000 word essay/report on how to make money blogging (Thanks, Karen...)

-My Pet Peeves

-What is my favorite place in nature/where have I had the best time in the outdoors?

- How I came up with the monicker "Groovyoldlady"

-Here's PEA's assignment verbatim because I am too embarassed to retype it: "Hmmmm...let's see....you're the only woman left on earth...you have all these men looking at you with suggestive looks...what reasons would you give to say "not tonight dear"??? hehe" (You will pay for this, PEA!)

-Something about internet frustration and men with curly cords sprouting from their ears.

-The origin and evolution of Disneyland

-My testimony

-2 people showed significant interest in knowing what's really going on in PEA's garden... (Heh-heh-heh!)

-A story about a woman who believes the lint from her dryer filter is sending her secret messages. (Um, that's great, Heather...but it's also right up my alley!)


(Btw, I just figured out to do strikethroughs. WOoooooooot!!!)

In the meantime, here's my first installment because I may not have the time or energy to write tomorrow. Someone (not me) decided that we are having a yard sale tomorrow. This, even though that particular someone won't be here to help.

I decided to tackle this one before prom season completely faded into obscurity. Here ya go, Pam:

May Day

Elise, will you go?
Will you go to the prom with me?
I will take you to Rivera's Italian Ristorante.
I will buy you a lovely corsage.
I will take out a loan and rent a limousine.
I will let you make me wear pink accents with my tux.
(I know how you love pink…)
I will gaze longingly into your eyes as we slow dance.
I will show you how much I love you,
Adore you,
Worship you,
Need you,
Want you.

Oh Elise, will you go?
Will you go to the prom with me?
It sounded so persuasive, in front of the mirror.

But Elise is going with Erick.
(Anybody need a slightly used set of pink cuff links?)


Carole Burant said...

I was thinking of saying "neener, neener, neener" to you after you said I'd pay for asking you that question but then I got to the part where two people showed interest in what's really going on in my faerie garden??? GULP!! I'm in deep doo-doo, aren't I?! hehe Hey you did a great job with that poem...if the guy is willing to wear pink cufflinks then I think Elise should go to the prom with him!!! lol xox

Marianne Arkins said...

LOL on the poem. LOVED the pink cuff links.

I meant to get to this, but didn't manage to think of anything original in the time period allotted. Next time? (insert evil laughter here).

Hot enough for you?

groovyoldlady said...

PEA: Heh-heh-heh!

Marianne: We're having a YARD SALE in this heat while I'm recovering from a nasty stomach virus (or food poisoning) and have a pinched nerve in my back. Will the fun never end?

Karen Putz said...

Awww, hope you get better and sell lots of stuff at the yard sale.

::::cracking whip::::

And when that sale is over, I expect that 3,000 word report.

Have a great weekend!

Rita Loca said...


groovyoldlady said...

Jungle Mom, for shame! Are you laughing at my poetry or my poetry WRITING? eh????

anno said...

I'm still hoping for a little something--prose or poetry- about goats. Sorry about the heat, the food poisoning, the pinched nerve, and the yard sale. Glad to see that it hasn't interfered with your ability to write prom poetry.

Why, oh why, is it that every time I read your blog, I think of Cathie Pelletier. Or wonder if you've read her.

groovyoldlady said...

Oh, Anno.

I love you.

You've inspired me to new levels of playful revenge. (Remember, it's all fun - until somebody's eye get poked.)

Coming up next (Monday?): A fictional story that will several birds with one stone.

Anybody up for roasted crow?

groovyoldlady said...

Never heard of C.P. What's she write?

anno said...

Cathie Pelletier was writing in the late 90s, mostly about somewhat goofy --critics might call them dysfunctional--families in Maine: A Marriage Made in Woodstock, On the Banks are two I remember. Her comic touch may be darker than you would enjoy, but something about the themes you address, and maybe especially that riff you wrote about Gramps & his little diarrhea problem, reminds me of what little I remember of her work. Now I'll have to rummage them up from the basement so I can re-read them later.

Does this mean you're planning to write something about goats? Yay!

Damselfly said...

Groovy, you are sumpin' else!

Unknown said...

Oh I love the poem! Espcially the pink cuff links part!! I think Jungle Mom was laughing becasue my son, her nephew is who wore the pink cuff links! Oh and I just ahs to giggle when I read Pea's comment about that!

ISM said...

Umm, thanks for using my pink cuff links to help with the poem

Michelle-ozark crafter said...