26 May 2007


Oh, Anno.

I love you.

You've inspired me to new levels of playful revenge.

(Remember, it's all fun - until somebody's eye get poked.)

Coming up next (Monday?): A fictional story that will kill several birds with one well-plotted prosy piece of reprisal.

Anybody up for roasted crow (with peas)?


Carole Burant said...


Susan said...

Is the plot thickening?

Unknown said...

Oh Groovy! This is so much fun! I can't wait! Thanks for keeping us all entertianed! My son, (Mr. Pink Cuff Links guy) is on line and I'm about to Instant Message him to visit your blog and read you little ditty! I can't wait to get his response!

Dawn said...

I am behind, and just commented on the poem below. What good fun ahead!

Tammy said...

OK, Groovy...how did I get so far behind here? I wish I hadn't missed the deadline...! Well, apparently I missed a lot because I'm not quite sure exactly what you're talking about here....LOL

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm lost. I guess I better go back into the archives to find out what you're talking about.