17 April 2007

Ok...But This IS Funny (Sorry, I tried to stay Serious)

I'm sitting here at the computer wrestling with my ABCs so I can change my TIFF files into JPEG files asap. ( Hopefully no html will be involved, LOL!)

The girlies are behind me at the table coloring May Day baskets and chatting. Suddenly my ears catch this exchange:

Silly-Head: (Very earnestly) Well, I don't even know what the inside of a woman LOOKS like!

Girly-Girl: Of course not. You had your eyes closed the whole time you were inside Mom.



Tammy said...

That is so perfect...exactly the kind of conversation I might hear, too! :)

(Your questions from me are coming soon...I just knew you'd be brave!)

Diane Viere said...

"the apple(s) didn't fall far from the tree.....!!!!!" Did they! Hysterically cute!


Rita Loca said...


Karen said...

Maybe the flashlight burned out so she couldn't see. :o)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh those girls are funny just like mom! LOL! No make that ROFL!

Dawn said...

I just love listening to little girls talk to each other!! Too cute.

Check out my Wordless Wednesday - it'll give you a good chuckle.

Marianne Arkins said...

Okay... this is weird.. I could've sworn I commented on this yesterday. In fact, I could've sworn I came here today, and my comment was there (amongst the others).

Have I lost my mind? Anything is possible.

Regardless, I still chuckle reading this, and it's my third time (I keep coming back to read others thoughts -- it's an addiction).

groovyoldlady said...

I didn't remove any comments (I don't think). You know what this means Marianne, don't you?

The Internetherworld has absorbed your comment!

Susan said...

Kids are so precious. Years ago my sister was explaining to my niece, who was about 4 years old at the time, that her friends was going to have a baby soon. At that point my sister patted the friends stomach and said "The baby's right here" to which my niece said "SHE ATE THE BABY?". Kids are so literal. I love the funny comments you leave. Thanks for your humor. You really are groovy, just not very old!!!