08 January 2007

Say What?

On Christmas, my loving daughter Funsocksgirl always takes upon herself the job of filling my stocking. If she didn't, my poor stocking would sag sadly and limply with only one small lump to betray my self-purchase of chocolate covered espresso beans.

This year, one of my stocking stuffers was a small box of "Snowberry" bath salts. They smelled nice and the package was pretty, so the other night I decided to enjoy them.

Now I know perfectly well how to use bath salts. You start the water running into the tub and you dump some salts in. You stir 'em around then you get in and say, "Aaaaaahhhh."

However, being a profound nerd, I decided to read the back of the box.

I do that, you know - I read the backs and sides of cereal boxes, pill bottles, the back of the WD-40 can, the shampoo bottle. I even read those long convoluted drug fact inserts with prescription meds too- You name a label and I've probably read it. It's a compulsion.

At any rate, the label on these bath salts was particularly helpful, "Directions: Add one capful of salts to a warm bath for a soothing total body experience."

One CAP - ful? Here's the package:


Carole Burant said...

LOL that's a good one! Should write to the company and tell them they should enclose a cap to use then! lol Hugs xox

Karen said...

That makes the same amount of sense as the braille sign in the women's bathroom.

Mind you, the sign was all the way inside the women's bathroom next to the handicapped stall (and why, pray tell, do they put the handicapped stall at the FAR END of the bathroom?)

So, there's the braille sign... not OUTSIDE the bathroom, where someone who needs it can read it and go where they should, but inside where they either find out they're in the right place, or they've made a terrible mistake.

Oh, I like the word verification...
tmbsss. Reminds me of dumb*ss...

groovyoldlady said...

I guess some folks have handicapped BRAINS!

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who read ALL labels as a hobby. My husband laughs at me when I read the entire prescription warnings/uses sheet!