14 December 2006

We Haf Returned!

Hi All. I'm ba-ack!

My Three Lovely Ladies

Funsocksgirl and her J-Man

Lessons from the road:

A) My daughter definitely married the right man. It's a total JOY to see them interact!

B) Rochester, NY has THE best children's play museum in the world (Strong's Play Museum). We HIGHLY recommend it!

C) Chucky Cheese's may be fun, but it's also germ infested. Silly-Head (the thumb sucker) has a nasty cold now.

D) My daughter's in-laws are delightful. (We stayed in their house because the kids' apartment is too small and because they're, um, newlyweds. Having the folks and sisters camping in the living room might be, um, inhibiting.)

E) Silly-Head is a nightmare to sleep with. She punches, jabs, kicks, rolls, twists, and talks in her sleep. Ugh!

F) If Girly-Girl (7 years-old) gets grouchy, put on music. End of trouble.

G) Driving in a snowstorm in Vermont on two-lane twisty, hilly roads was no big deal. Then again, we're Maine-ahs!

H) I did miss my blogging buds, but resisted the urge to check in. Our time with the kids was so short!

I) I love writing while on vacation. I always seem to get ideas while traveling.

J) "Quality Inn" doesn't denote what type of quality you're in for!

K) Surprise food stashes are a fun blessing, especially when they include dark chocolate (Thanks, Funsocksgirl!)

L) Now ALL my girls have fun socks.

M) I'm a coffee snob - don't ask me about the coffee at the hotel.

N) Few things are more disappointing than a hot tub with no water and an "Out of Order" sign.

O) Hamsters can be absolutely hilarious! (Three cheers for Mutton Chops!)

P) I really enjoy eating out!

Q) I went through the entire vacation with no solo moments except when I locked myself in the bedroom to read my Bible. This is not my preferred method of proceeding, but it was worth it.

R) I can NOT hoola-hoop.

S) There are red lobsters in Maine, but there are no Red Lobsters (and I miss 'em!)

T) There is always one more flamingo to buy!

U) Sofa beds are highly overrated.

V) We think the mystery meat was clam...

W) Favorite quote of the week: "Free food is good food"!

X) Geese do NOT fly in V's, they fly in squiggles.

Y) I actually read Funsockgirl's "Twinkie Cookbook". I am making one of the recipes for the Christmas Party at my house tomorrow night.

Z) Visiting is awesome, but there's no place like home!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Having stayed at several Quality Inns, believe me when I say "I understand..."

I love visiting, but I love being home, too.

Going out to eat is great.

It sounds like you had a wonderful time, and the pictures are great.

Anonymous said...

Heyyy welcome home:-) I so enjoyed reading all you've learned while being on this trip! lol Some made me nod in agreement, some made me laugh, some made me turn green! hehe You're right though, there's no place like home and your own bed!!! Glad you had a great time with the family...we missed you too:-) Hugs xox

Ballpoint Wren said...

It sounds like you had a great time--and you've got great looking kids, too!