01 October 2006

Viscious Dust Bunnies!

Yesterday the girlies and I learned the hard way that it is not wise to interrupt the dust bunnies during their breeding season.

DBs are notorious swift breeders with a fantastically brief gestation period of only 12 hours. While they can be cute and cuddly, they can also multiply like the fabled Star Trek tribbles. Therefore, we find it necessary, on occasion, to clean out their nests and scoot the little guys out of the house before they take over completely.

I used to fear that this would leave me bereft of pets, but now I know it is not so. No matter how thoroughly one cleans the house, there are always a few stealthy breeders hiding under the furniture or in an overlooked corner. They've even been known to propgate inside the vacuum!

We got out the broom and the vacuum, the mop and the Swiffer. The three of us set to work with a good will. I was busy mopping the kitchen when I heard a terrified scream on the stairwell. 7 year-old Girly-girl was following orders by using the swiffer on the wooden steps. Unfortunately, the DBs had been quite, um, "busy" there and she had cornered a large one. Suddenly, to her surprise and my utter horror, the beast reared up and attacked my little girl - scratched her right across the face. It was awful!

I beat the viscious brute with my broom, then scuttered her and her entire brood out into the driveway to be used in bird nests.

I guess we'll have to make our cleaning sessions more frequent!

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