08 October 2006

The Many Faces of Stress

We are in the midst of a family crisis right now. It has been interesting to note how differently we all deal with the stress.

I used to deal with stress by praying and crying a little and eating alot. But I am older and more mature now. Now I pray and cry ALOT and eat very little. This is because everything makes my gut hurt. In fact, I estimate that I really will lose the last 15 pounds and then some if this continues much longer! New wardrobe anyone?

Mulletman deals with stress by asking me repeatedly if we can sell the house and move away, preferably overseas.

Gramma deals with it all by dutifully telling me, in lengthy detail, what everyone should be thinking and doing. She also insists that I pass these very wise and important instructions/consolations/warnings to the parties in question.

Grampy deals with stress by loudly rehashing each event then asserting, "You just let me get a-hold of so-n-so and I'll give 'em a piece of my mind. You just don't act like that! etc, etc, etc." Then when he sees that our faces are grim and that he's not really helping, he suddenly smiles and gives us bone-crushing hugs and tells us he loves us.

Grammy just looks really tired and sad and says, "Oh my, that's terrible!"

The girlies? They just keep on playing with their Duplos.

And the dust bunnies gather in the corners and plot ways to make me go off the deep end...

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