19 October 2006

Evil Has Come

Evil has entered our Groovy abode. I can hear evil right now; It (or they) is rearranging furniture inside the wall between our kitchen and our hallway.

The noise is pretty substantial, which leads me to beleive that this particular brand of evil is rather larger than smaller. It's scuffling and scrambling and scampering and scratching. The suspicious sounds have remained unabated and unhindered despite my frequent frantic footsteps and my my maniacal mumbling and probing and knocking.

I just had a friend who went into the hospital for major surgery. While she was there, the Murphy powers required that her whole kitchen wall be knocked out in order to locate the source of a powerful growing stench in her home. It was a dead rat.

A friend and I went over to her house to clean after the demoltion dudes put her kitchen back together, but she was still upset. No one can ever put your dishes back into the cupboard the "right" way, ya know?

I love animals, even rodents. We've had pet hamsters and gerbils and mice and rats. We've had a chinchilla (they're idiots, but they ARE soft!) and we've babysat guinea pigs and bunnies. I loved 'em all - in cages - under control - tame.

I don't even mind if they occasionally skitter into the garage to warm up during the cold weather. I just catch them and talk to them and set them free in the neighbor's yard….um, I mean, in the woods. But I don't want them moving into my warm, cozy, safe, clean house uninvited.

They're quiet now. I guess it's bed time for this little nocturnal family. It HAS to be a family; No one rodent could make that much noise!

I've scouted about in the basement and I see a couple of possible entry points. I guess it's time for traps. BIG traps. Big traps WAY away from the wall in question. I do not want injured evil to crawl back into my wall and die.

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