16 October 2006

Bits and Pieces

I'm feeling a little guilty today. It was gorgeous outside, so I wanted to do some yard work. I told the girlies to put away their toys and GO OUT as well. Usually this request/command is met with "Awe, do we HAVE to?" But today they were bickery playing inside, so outside apparently sounded better than average. They grabbed a couple of toys and went out and I haven't been able to get them back in since!

This would be just dandy except that we were supposed to have school today. We're required by State law to put in 180-ish days per year. So far we've eeked out 28. There's a part of me that just wants to dive in every day and check it off as "Done". The thought of having school all through December or lingering late into June doesn't thrill me. But soon it will be cold and rainy and yucky out, how can I make them come in out of the sunshine?

Ah well, what good is homeschooling if you can't play hooky once in a while and enjoy a beautiful day, right? Right.


Bad Dog was over here again today. Thankfully, Bad Dog is not some horrific beast with fangs and drool that threatens my children and pees on our car tires. No, Bad Dog is a little bitty doggie who keeps getting loose and getting into trouble. She's a beautiful canine with lots of fluffy black fur and sweet little white and brown markings on her face. She looks like she weighs, maybe 12 pounds soaking wet. She reminds me alot of our poor old dog, Emily Sue - same shape and coloring and fluff and size. The difference is personality: Emily was always fairly obedient, Bad Dog is much more interested in tormenting her people than pleasing them!

Mulletman and I have tried to help catch her a couple of times. We'll coax and call and she'll prance up within about ten feet of us, tail wagging. Suddenly she'll stop short, let out a shrill "YIP, YIP,YIP!!!", and tear across the road, then turn around to laugh. Oh yes, Bad Dog laughs.

I think she's hilariously funny, but then, I'm not the one who's always having to hunt for her and hope she doesn't get hit by a logging truck. Besides that, I learned quite well from the beagle incident that Mulletman doesn't do disobedient dogs.

In other words, if Bad Dog were our dog, Bad Dog would be a Dead Dog!

Hahaha! The Girls just came in and they are BLACK with dirt. Looks like serious bathage coming up!

Bonehead is turning into quite the chef. He's working fulltime at Applebee's while attending paramedic school. He's a dishwasher and line cook. He loves it! Somehow I always knew he'd spend more time in the kitchen than Funsocksgirl. I'm fully expecting that he'll be the resident chef when he finally starts on the fire department.

Speaking of Funsocksgirl; I just heard that her husband, J-Man, has taken up a new hobby. Now, while he watches a manly game of football, he cross-stitches cute litte Christmas decorations. Aaaaaaaawwww! Ain't that sweet?

Mulletman is 43 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETIE!

He doesn't waste time reading blogs - not even mine, but it alleviates some of my "Bad homeschooler" guilt to be able to post a greeting and think of myself as a good wife! :-)

The turkeys in our wild flock (about 30 birds) are growing up. Now we can hardly tell the youngsters from the grown ones. And to think that only a short while ago they were chubby little downy chicks. sniff. They grow up SO fast!

The dust bunnies have returned. Marvin is hanging out in the hallway and I've alerted all family members (including the in-laws) to let him be. We've posted signs and declared the hallway as "Dust Bunny Breeding territory. No Vacuumns allowed." I took pictures of him a few days ago.

Sure enough, today I spotted a smaller DB, Melanie, drifting in Marvin's gneral direction. Naturally, I took more photos. I've no doubt that we'll soon be up to our ears in DBs. That'll be great, because they are very difficult to photograph clearly!

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