06 November 2010

In Which Groovy's Blog is Taken Over by a Fictional Character

Hi, Jason here.

Groovy can't come right now 'cause she's busy pounding out a novel. So she sent me here to update you on her progress.

First, she wants you to know that, as of this posting, she's only 42,931 words away from chocolate.

Secondly, she plans to write another 2,000 plus words tonight.

HA! That's a good one. To be honest with you, I have no idea how she's gotten this far. She spends way too much time doting on her family and fulfilling her responsibilities while my mom and I and all our friends are just hanging out in limbo. You'd think people would just leave her alone so she could attend to business. you know what I mean?

By the way, it's really amazing (and egotistical) how much of her own life she's managed to meld into my story. So far she's written in dairy goats, homeschooling, the hideous trailer that was her first adult home, bicycling, hiking, and search-and-rescue. She's also sneaked (snuck?) in some references to mixed families, anorexia, "goth", and a green Mini Cooper. I think she lifted those ideas from close family and friends. What's she going to come up with next?

Oh never mind. I KNOW what she's doing next. She's going to do some dumb challenge on FaceBook where she lists 25 random things about herself. Then she's gonna let people - strange folk who don't know me from Adam - pick ten of those traits/quirks/oddities for her to work in to the story.

Man, I thought this story was about ME!

Oh well, if she asks you people to help her out, do me a favor and don't pick anything dumb. It's hard to be cool when some old lady keeps throwing crazy curve balls into your life!

Oh, I know, maybe you folks could talk her into getting me a date with Dina Swanson. That'd be sWeet!

Oh, and Thirdly? She hasn't lost a single ounce because writing makes her hungry. (I say it serves her right!)


Ms. Kathleen said...

Sounds interesting... :)
Word Verification -- gangsta -- yep, you is a gangsta --

Sue Guiney said...

Adorable and very clever!