05 March 2010

Dropping in For a Quick Chat


We just got back from Boston yesterday afternoon. We took the girls there for a vacation/field trip and had a lovely time. Girly-Girl took 270+ pics and Silly-head took almost as many. I left our grown-up camera packed in the suitcase!

Today I need to workout, teach school, pack and GO. I'm off for 2 and 1/2 days of winter survival/rescue training in the mud and ice - should be a blast!

GrammaJ is leaving for a 2 week vacation to SC to visit her BFFs. Mulletman will be picking her up at 3:30 in the morning tomorrow to get her to the airport on time.

Mulletman is AWESOMELY GROOVY!!!!! He took airport duty so I wouldn't miss the fun and chummy overnight tonight and because he was afraid I'd fall asleep mountain climbing tomorrow after being up so early if I went straight from the airport to the training class.

I hav much else to say, but time is slipping away. I need to go rouse the late sleeping children and torture them with math and English while simultaneously packing snowshoes and mudboots!

I promise a much longer report upon my return!

(That's assuming I DO return...heh-heh-heh.)


Bear said...

Busy Frying Flapjacks?
Blooms, Fungi and Frangipani?
Big Friendly Fly?
Beefburger, Flamegrilled with Fries?
Berry Fruit Flan?

Sorry, you've lost me on that one.

But have fun and be safe with the seek and destroy training.


groovyoldlady said...

Bear! BEAR! Yippee! You're back!!!!!

BFF is geeky teenage computer speak for "Best Friends Forever".

Now leave me alone - I'm trying to find my compass!

Lauri said...

Mulletman gets 5 gold stars! Hope you found the compass. Good luck!

Dawn said...

Bear is funny!!

Looking forward to your stories!

Keetha Broyles said...

Hi Grooves!

I too am sorry you missed my "Grand Old Dame" contest, but I haven't yet compiled the story, so I can STILL consider your story ideas!!!

It's my contest, I can change the rules to suit my own whims! ;-)