23 November 2009


And I'm sick, so no one expects me to do anything productive while they're gone!

Yes, I AM rejoicing!

Recently, I had the privilege of getting "a little taste of Heaven". I know that's what it was because it said so right on the package:

You can click on that image to enlarge. I know it's a bit unclear, but I had to take 17 shots of that stupid package just to get one pic that good!

Now I don't know about you, but I never exactly pictured Heaven as tasting like cream cheese... Maybe something with cream cheese in it, you know, like a mocha cheesecake garnished with chocolate covered espresso beans or something, but not just plain ole cream cheese.

How 'bout you? If Heaven was a flavor instead of a place, what do you think it would taste like?

Today we were expecting guests from out of state. In anticipation, the girls wanted to use the new cookie cutters that Grammy bought us:

I made the dough and girls did the rest.

Wait a minute. Do you think I should trust these two nuts with FOOD?

Happily they settled into their work without too many shenanigans.

And this blank space is where a truly exemplary blogger would post pics of the finished cookies. I, however, am merely a mediocre blogger. So that's all you get!

I should mention here (or perhaps I shouldn't) that we were planning a party (or par-tay) for the aforementioned out-of-state friends because there are many folks in this area who miss them. Unfortunately, I feel lousy and I'm starting to understand woodpeckers since my brain crashes into the front of my skull every time I cough. So we canned the large scale gathering and the Indiana clan stopped by for a visit sans fan club. They sat out of germ range (I hope) and we talked and talked and it was so nice I actually forgot I was sick for a little while. :-)

I also forgot to get out my camera and take any pics...

While they were here, we set out the yummy cookies - the hordes of cookies that were made to feed an army of guests. Mulletman made coffee and we talked and nibbled. Then he got called in to work (Dear Nurse Mulletman, We need you to drive an hour here, work three hours saving lives, then drive an hour home.) and the Indiana clan gathered their things to head out to visit other friends. It was decided that they would also gather up our girlies and take them to dinner and let them swim with the Indiana kiddos in the hotel's pool. Oh-the-fun!!!!

So out the door they all went. I gathered up the cookie platter and glasses etc. and noticed that, well...there are only about 8 cookies left!


In the meantime, I hope the girlies behave while they're gone. They can be pretty weird sometimes!

Shortly after everyone left, my friend Nightlight called and told me she was stopping by. I told her I was UNCLEAN! UNLCEAN! but she insisted on coming anyway. Look what she brought me!!!

Nightlight is in charge of our church's prayer/info chain, but she recently got a job working the phones for LLBean. With the onset of the holidays she has been called to work more hours, so Carlyo and I have been helping her monitor and publish prayer requests and church info. She got us each poinsettas in little LLBean bags to thank us. Cool, eh? It will look so pretty on our Thanksgiving table!

Oh, and speaking of Thanksgiving, my friend Jenn (with 2 N's) called me earlier and said, "You are sick. I am making homemade Parkerhouse rolls for you and your family for Thanksgiving. You're welcome!"

I DO have some of the grooviest friends ever!

OK, I'm going to get my sick, mediocre, groovy self off of here and...GOOF AROUND! Because I am sick and no one has any expectations for me!


*hack*cough*cough*hack*SNORT* Oops...


Carole Burant said...

Chocolate...heaven tastes like chocolate...well it better taste like chocolate!!!! lol Weird or not, I need your daughters to come help me bake my Christmas cookies:-)

I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling well at all, here's hoping it won't last too much longer. Hmmmm, you do realize, though, if you stay sick, you can have all your friends bring you food and you'll have your Thanksgiving dinner all set! hehe Love the poinsettia your friend brought you, it's beautiful.

I'm so glad that you and Dawn got to meet and I so wish I could have been there too!! xoxo

groovyoldlady said...


Euri said...

Great goofing around shots!

Superwoman said...

love the Pampered Chef stones in the pictures! You actually use them! (In case you didn't know, I'm a Pampered Chef lady)

Susan said...

Those two girls of yours are just precious. I'll bet life around your house is a big hoot. Hope you're feeling better.

Lauri said...

Hope you feel better for your Thanksgiving Day.
Love the pics as usual!Was that gingerbread cookies???