25 June 2009



The Bad News: I now have a sore throat. Uh-oh!

The Good News: I had a blast working with the kids at 4-H breaking ground and planting pumpkin seedlings. Earlybird had set her chicken coop over the plot we were going to dig so their droppings would kill the grass. Have you ever smelled chicken poop?


Which brings me to...

The Funny News: Naturally, we got chicken doo-doo on our shoes, and our hands and, well, who knows where else. Couple that with a considerable sweat-inducing rise in temperature and I was seriously stinky.

SERIOUSLY stinky. So stinky that we are all taking showers BEFORE camping.

I had errands to run and almost couldn't stand to be with myself and that lovely odor. I said, "Good grief! I think chicken poo is almost as bad as hog poo. It reeks!"

Girly-Girl responded, "Yeah, kinda makes you glad you're not a chicken - imagine living with that smell all the time! Hey...Now there's something to be thankful for!!"


So...as you read my whiny post, keep in mind that my thankfulness factor is on the rise, sore throat notwithstanding!


Ok Folks. I am SO not in good writing form. If I was I would not have written that last sentence.

I am trying to write about the Trek on my GroovyTrekkers blog, but it is SLOW going! I've only had three days home and now we're off to camp in rain (forcasted) and mud ( a definite reality after the past 10 days of almost constant rain) and mosquitoes (always present at the fairgrounds we'll be at).

Though I confess, I think I see some sunshine trying to break through the fog outside right now.



These whole 3 days we've been home, I've been in a very uncharacteristic funk. Why? Well...

1. Constant rain and grey skies (including constant downpour on the first day - 65 miles - of the Trek). I managed "cheerful" for several days, but my inner sunshine is fading.

2. I only rode 81 miles (out of 180) of the bike ride due to some strained ligaments in my leg.

- Year One: I didn't ride at all because I injured my achilles tendon. I just raised the money and then volunteered all weekend.

- Year Two: I rode the first two days and was miserable because I did not train effectively. I spent the last day volunteering with my team.

- This Year: I trained REALLY well and really hard. I was truly ready - both physically and mentally. I wanted that stupid medal SO BAD. (Dang, now I'm crying again...). My ride on the first day was fabulous - even if it was raining. I was one of the few riders that wasn't cold and miserable. I had NO probems at all with the dreaded giant hill of doom. I was having FUN! Then, about 53 miles into the ride, I started feeling a twinge in my left leg. A few miles later it had progressed to an ache. By the end of the ride it was genuinely painful. I was walking with a decided limp and stairs/inclines were agony. I iced it and rested it and took as much ibuprofen as was prudent and hoped for the best.

It still ached the next morning. I had feeling I wasn't going to make it the whole day, so I warned Ken. But I was still praying for a sudden "recovery". No such blessing - I made it 16 miles and had to pull off the road and flag a "SAG" vehicle to pick me up. The Trek was over for me. I did my best to keep a good attitude and "look on the bright side", but I fell apart on Monday and cried all day and I've been tearing up at the drop of a hat ever since.

I know I'm not a "failure" and all that - yadda, yadda, yadda - but It sure seems like every time, EVERY time I try something like this, it all falls apart. It's very discouraging.

3. I've only had 3 days home and tday we're packing and off for a weekend of fun and excitement and mud for 4-H.

4. I don't feel good - my neck glands are swollen and painful, so I'm popping vitamin C every hour or so and drinking gallons of water. This should make 4-H and camping somewhat interesting today.

5. I spent 5 hours shopping yesterday in an attempt to actually find my girlies shoes that they like, that actually fit, and that we can afford. It was exhausting!

6. In spite of all the riding I've been eating like a pig and gained back all that weight I lost. The "flat belly" is no more! And there's no way I'm going to try to diet again right now - not until after our drive out to visit Funsocksgirl and J-man next week.


OK...I'm done whining for now. I guess we all need the occasional pity party. Thanks for putting up with mine! I will do my best to get all my Trek entries done before our trip to NY.

Wait...yes...that IS sunshine out there! Maybe things are starting to look up!



Susan said...

Sorry. I know you are sooo disappointed. I'm glad you have the very happy memory of that first great day.

Dawn said...

I'm so sorry, Groovy. I would depressed with the rain alone, not to mention the injury. I'm glad the 4-H deal was more enjoyable - except for the doo doo smell!

Have a great time visiting the older kids!

Lauri said...

Sorry Groovy I'm sure it was such a disappointment not to have finished the bike ride. I'm a sun lover so even a few days of clouds puts me in a funk and then 5 hours of shopping! That along would push me to suicidal- I hate shopping of all kinds.

Take care of yourself Groovy. Forget about that flat belly, people actually like round bellies- look at Santa!

notcon4med said...

You know, you don't have to go camping. You could just send MM with the girlies, or set the tent up in the yard so you can be in the comfort of your own yard (and home). You can take a sick day. Don't wear yourself out, my friend! Remember, I'll be there in less than 4 weeks and I want you healthy! ; )

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. I don't envy you going camping with swollen neck glands. Look after yourself, hon.

Karen said...


Uh, my word verification is drooti. Ya mean like chicken drooti???

groovyoldlady said...

YOu guys are the bestest!

Things ARE looking up now. I'm tired from a serious sleep deficit (HELLO, camping with unhappy goats!), but doing much better.

Laurie, I laughed myself into a hilarity this morning. Right after I read your comment here via my email, I noticed the next email was a "junk" entitled "Men's Health: Lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks with Belly Off".

Oh the irony!

Unknown said...

Loved girly girl's comment about imagining being a chicken and living in that stench! Kids minds amaze me!
Sorry you didn't get to ride the whole amount. But your heart was in the right place!