13 June 2009

I Feel Another Song Coming On

Somewhere in the back of my mind there is another song brewing. It's simmering and bubbling like the beans in my crockpot, wafting bursts of tantalizing smells that disappear a moment after they they appear.

It's a song about freedom! It's a song about justice! It's a song about love between my brothers and my sisters all over this la-aa-aa-a-a-and!!!!

Well...not really. That's someone else's song.

I'll let you know when my song emerges from its cocoon. I have a feeling it's going to be surfacing soon.


Speaking of songs, Mulletman and I, who are NOT gifted at putting music to lyrics have been trying to do just that with my previous song attempts. The results thus far have been more comical than moving - kind of a one chord punk-ballad with soul infusions. And anyone know where I can get a quality recording of a jet engine? We need one for the chorus.

We are SO pathetic!

I did have a friend on the writer's forum mention a "Song Writing for Dummies" book. I think, perhaps, I should order it!

UPDATE: Being the distracted person that I am, I immediately left here and went to read the reviews on the aforementioned book. It doesn't sound like what we need, so now I'm researching other books. Anybody out there know of a book that deals with marrying the lyrics to a style and actual chords?


Yesterday Mulletman asked me to remind him to fill his car with fuel before he headed to work. So I grabbed a sticky note and wrote Get Gas and stuck it to his lunch box.

When I got up this morning, the note was stuck to the kitchen bar with this addition in small print: This ISN'T meant for you, Sweatie. (Yes, he often misspells "sweetie".)

Ironically, I had beans cooking in the crockpot all night.

The ban on gas producing foods won't go into effect until Tuesday...

I turned on my puter this morning and the little "Update" thingy popped up. They wanted to update my iMac - make some changes to Safari and iTunes. Who am I to say "no" to Them? I clicked "OK".

Bad move.

Ya know, I have no problem when They want to update my computer programs so they synch better with all the groovy sites of the internetherworld. In fact, I appreciate that because it's nice to go to a website (ie. Blogger) and have things actually work the way they're supposed to. Rather a boon, if you ask me.

HOWEVER, (Apple, are you listening to me????) if they are going to make a visual or functional change in the program, we users (who so <3 our Macs) should have the option of saying NO. Or, at the very least, we should have a clear and EASY way to delete or disable the new functions. Safari just added in "Top Sites" - a visual display of the websites we visit most often. I've already heard horror stories of how it caches EVERYTHING and eats up all the free space on your drive. It takes up a third of my screen and is visually obnoxious and cluttery.

I hate obnoxious and cluttery. It makes me VERY cranky.

There's no way to minimize it and no way I can see to ditch it (I am referring to "Top Sites". though the same sentiment could easily be applied to my crankiness). I am in tenuous discussions now with other smart iMac folk on how to make it go away.


Only 6 more days 'til The Big Ride. I have 699 training miles on my short little legs and aim to get in another 50-70 miles by Tuesday. Then it's time to rest and pack (and repack and pack again).

My only real concern is my hands/wrists/arms. I've been doing therapy exercises, wearing appropriate braces, changes hand postitions, applying ice, taking ibuprofen, etc., but I'm still having quite a bit of painful tendonitis. So please pray for this flare up to settle down.


Other than that, I am ready to RIDE!


The plan right now is to leave early to take the girls over to GrammaJ's on Thursday morning. She's never had the girls overnight and she is absolutely beside herself with joy that she gets them FOR TWO NIGHTS! OH THE FUN THEY WILL HAVE!

Seriously, she is so excited. She's about driving me nuts telling me her plans over and over again. I hope the time together lives up to her expectations!

After we drop them off, we'll meet up with EarlyBird and...

We interrupt this riveting post for a "top Sites" update: I have still not figured out how to get rid of it, but I DID manage to get it out of my face by minimizing it. It will still suck up my drive space, but at least I don't have to look at it while it does!

Now...Back to our regularly scheduled drivel:
...Mellowman, stuff all our bikes and gear into one vehicle and head down to team HQ in Augusta. There we will be feasted on fine lunch cuisine, briefed on any last minute changes in team plans and then we'll all carpool to Sunday River Ski Resort.

Once we stow our bikes and throw our gear in our rooms, we'll get to work registering Trekkers. Mulletman and I have done this the past two years. We volunteer for 8-9 hours and get a FREE resort room and free resort supper in exchange for the work.

It's fun and it's perfect! :-D

The only difference is that the past two years we've pulled info packets and handed out t-shirts. This year we get to collect money from the Trekkers. That means calculators and sums and crotchety people who didn't collect all their fundraising money.

Pray that my cheerful dispostition remains intact!


Well, the tendonitis is kicking up from all this typing and I have two girlies waiting to do some origami and fabric painting and a garden that is calling and a phone message to answer and beans that need to eaten and a packing list to make and more coffee that needs to be made and consumed.

Until next time, mes amis!


Keetha Broyles said...

Confucius Keetha say: "He who sleep in pop-up camper comfort smelleth as much like campfire smoke as he who sleep on hard ground of tent in misery so both are true campers."

Anonymous said...

You never fail to cheer me up, Groovy. I cannot stop laughing about that Top Sites thing and your songwriting. I am sure your songwriting is wonderful.

Hope the ride goes well!